Worms: Armageddon Credits


Lead ProgrammerJésus Martinez
ProgrammerChristian Votava
Additional ProgrammerFrédéric Wozniakowski
Graphic ArtistsLionel Caillaud, Noël Billy
Additional Graphic ArtistStéphane Arson
Game DesignerVincent Noiret
ProducersSabine Humeau, Eric Angelier
Product ManagerJulia Chapman
QA Co‑ordinatorStéphane Pradier
Music and sound fxRebellion, Audio Arts
Product Marketing DirectorDavid Riley
Product Marketing ManagerGreg Sarrail
DocumentationBruce Harlick
Special thanksEmmanuel Régis, Emmanual Regis's team

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69396)