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Advertising Blurbs

www.nintendo.com - Game Boy Color:
    Activision is giving fans of the Stan Lee superheroes a little punch to carry in their pockets. X-Men: Mutant Academy is a full-throttle tournament fighter with enough moves and options to satisfy your jones for hand-held brawling.

    X-Men: Mutant Academy offers five modes:

    Training - Press Select to learn specials. Your hapless opponent will show all the vim and vigor of a sack of potatoes.

    Story - Battle all your allies on the easy setting. In the normal or hard settings, battle your allies, then take on your enemies.

    Battle - Could this be Stan Lee's take on Pokémon Stadium? Choose three characters for your side and three to oppose. The last side with a mutant standing wins. Two players can compete in this mode.

    Survival - Brawl your way around the world, one opponent at a time. Preserve your single life bar by playing defensively.

    Vs - Two can battle it out via a Game Link cable.

    Each of the 11 fighters has two special moves. You can also increase the damage you inflict by landing enough plain-vanilla punches and kicks to set your Rage meter flashing.

    Two fighters, Phoenix and Apocalpyse, can be unlocked by battling through Story mode, or you can follow these simple codes: to unlock Phoenix, press Down, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, then B and A together. To unlock Apocalypse, press Right, Left, Up, Down, Left, Up, then A and B.

    Handheld specialist Crawfish Interactive deserves kudos for the terrific graphics. The characters look like they came right from the comics, while the backgrounds show lots of detail. Crawfish has also included three difficulty settings, three round lengths (50 and 90 seconds and unlimited) and four damage settings.

    X-Men: Mutant Academy is for Game Boy Color only. It is not compatible with monochrome Game Boy systems.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Apr 27, 2005.

Back of Box - Game Boy Color:


    Train to learn over-the-top mutant moves and use your special powers to dominate super-villains. It's boot camp for fighters... and only the strongest will survive.

    Train with Professor X and practice your skills against holograms.

    Fight as 11 characters, including Wolverine and two hidden mutants.

    Learn Super Hero moves and use your special powers to dominate.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69445) on May 10, 2003.