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X-Men: Mutant Academy (Game Boy Color)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

X-Men: Mutant Academy Credits


ProgramerChris Pile
Director of DevelopmentTim Bradstock
Associate ProducerDaimion Pinnock
Graphics ArtistsTerry Ford
MusicSteve Collett
Sound EffectsSteve Collett
DesignersTim Coode, Daimion Pinnock
Development AssistantsTim Coode, David Hardcastle
Special ThanksLynne Bradstock, Cameron Sheppard
Extra Special ThanksKelly Attewell, Jack Coode, Neil Pinnock


ProducerMarilena Morini
Sr. ProducerChris Archer
Executive ProducerDavid Stohl
Exec. VP WW StudiosMitch Lasky
Sr. VP StudiosStephen Crane
Sr. Manager Corporate CommunicationsJulia Roether
Brand ManagerNita Patel
Director of MarketingMichelle Corrigan
Vice President MarketingTricia Bertero
Executive Vice President MarketingKathy Vrabeck
Managers of ConsoleJoseph Favazza, Marietta Pashayan
Sr. LeadBenjamin DeGuzman
LeadDamien Fischer
TestersShawn Collins, Gary DeBrown, Geoffrey Olsen, Mike Phillips, Jairo Siliva, Travis Tremblay
Brand Manager (Activision UK)Alison Mitchell
Localization Manager (Activision UK)Nathalie Ranson
Localization Assistant (Activision UK)Mark Nutt
Special Thanks toGene Bahng, Ed Bainbridge, Brian Bright, Jenny Bright, Bryant Bustamante, Brian Clarke, Chris Dickey, Ron Doornink, Adam Goldberg, Jay Halderman, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Tim McMahon, Bob McPherson, Jennifer Mellios, Stacy Sooter, Mattt Stubbs, Jim Summers, Murali Tegulapalle, Marc Turndorf, Nicole Willick, Jason Wong, Stacey Ytuarte

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