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Consoles Plus (Jul, 2001)
On avance avec fluidité et aisance, on blaste du vilain à grands coups de griffes, les animations sont détaillées... Bref, c'est du tout bon.
Gaming Target (Jul 30, 2001)
Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Wolverine's Rage does a great job of keeping true to the comic books while breathing new life into a stale game style. This game is definitely worth playing, especially is you are a X-Men fan.
Super Mario on Game Boy Color proved to me that solid NES-style gameplay can be brought to the system. Unfortunately, it seems nobody has the budgets or desire to make top-notch Game Boy titles. The formula is always the same: get license, make action title, sell copies. Wolverine’s Rage certainly fits the formula, and as such, delivers a game that is average in almost every sense. The gameplay offers some moves for Wolverine, but the entire time you play the title you wish to the Game Boy gods there were more moves to give the action some variation. Alas, the gods do not answer. If you’re looking for a Game Boy title that will fill up an airplane flight, Wolverine’s Rage will certainly deliver, but its shallow gameplay keeps it from being more than a passing play.
Power Unlimited (Aug, 2001)
Al met al eene beetje een simplistische game die vast wel weer aftrek vindt bij de trouwe X-Men fans maar ook zij zullen moeten toegeven dat Activision zich er voor de derde keer op rij nogal makkelijk vanaf heeft gemaakt.
Wolverine‘s Rage ist ein solides Jump‘n‘Run, das über die gesamte Spielzeit für kontinuierliche Spannung sorgt.
Tiden tar för övrit slut rätt fort för själva spelet också eftersom banorna är för knepiga och enformiga för att hålla en längre tid. Lite synd med tanke på att spelet är ganska snyggt och välanimerat, har en helt okej kontroll och godkänd musik. Men som sagt håller det inte speciellt länge, och har man dessutom inte hört talas om den skarpslipade mutanten sedan tidigare lär man knappast få ut så mycket av spelet. Men gillar man X-men kan det vara värt att testa i alla fall.
60 (Jun 06, 2001)
Encore un jeu de plate-forme sur Game Boy, comme on en trouve tant. Son manque d'innovations ne lui permet cependant pas de se distinguer des autres productions. Dommage pour les nombreux fans de Serval qui devaient attendre ce titre impatiemment.
Jump on a few platforms and look for exits. If you see someone, duck their attacks, then hit A two times to kill them. There, I've just described the entire game so you don't have to buy it.
HonestGamers (Feb 16, 2016)
Over time, the familiar routine of mapping out locales so you can conclude stages grows wearisome. X-Men: Wolverine's Rage doesn't offer much variety, sports a shallow (and often counterproductive) combat system, and features an array of dull, idiotic boss encounters that highlight this sub-par platformer experience. If I have one positive remark, though, it's that the game handles wonderfully. Wolverine's Rage is nothing if not stable, mostly thanks to its solid control response. However, there's more to effective platformers than mere functionality, and Woverine's Rage failed to rise to the occasion...