Batman Forever Credits


FeaturingJeffrey Gibson, Michael Margotta, Matt Norklun, Peewee Piemonte, Sasha Raught, Elizabeth Rossa, Brian Smyj
Game Producer (Acclaim)Douglas Yellin
Associate Producers (Acclaim)Michael Archer, Tyrone Miller
Analysts (Acclaim)Simon Gouldstone, Joseph Mazziotto
Administrative Assistant (Acclaim)Kristen Muzer
Lead Tester (Acclaim)James Dunn
Testers (Acclaim)Andy Falk, Jeff Rosa, Damon Tabb, Richard Varney
Special Thanks (Acclaim)Roger Booth, Larry Kelley, Rob Huzer, Howard Schwartz, Jeremy Schwartz, Rob Zimmelman
Coding (Probe)Balor Knight
Game Producers (Probe)Tony Beckwith, Tim Bradstock
Designer (Probe)Nick Baynes
Music (Probe)Andrew Brock
SFX (Probe)Andrew Brock
Graphics (Probe)Darren Goodacre, Anna Knight, Ned Langman, Pierson Lippard, Kevin McMahon, Phil Williams
Storyboards (Probe)Dimitri Bakalov, Darren Goodacre, Alex Lawrence
Animation Editors (Probe)Tim Bradstock, Balor Knight, Kevin Watts
Level Designers (Probe)Simon Bland, Jon Gibson, Balor Knight
Q. A. Team (Probe)James Brown, Vicky Cheale, Nick McGee, Michael Movel, Gary Patino, Clifford Ramsey, Mark Viccary
Utility's (Probe)Bob Armour, Gary Liddon, Carl Muller, Chris Pile
Propack Compression (Probe)Rob Northen
Special Thanks To (Probe)Jade Lucas

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