Batman: Return of the Joker Screenshots (Game Boy)

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Game Boy version

Title Screen
Stage Select
Stage 1 - The Sewers
Use the Bat-Rope
See any Ninja Turtles in there?
Don't need that
Lame enemies
What liquid is that
That's how he swims
Watch out
Boss introduction
Dark Claw is immune to batarangs
Stage Clear!!
Stage 2 - Machine Shop
The Incredible Machine Shop
Someone is waiting
"Mid-boss" defeated
Batman vs Shogun Warrior
Shogun Warrior throws stuff
Thanks Robin?
The Train
Tsingtao beer
Not the boss
Batman vs Foul Ball
Stage 4 - Limestone Caverns
Falling spikes
The Joker
Game Over
One more try
Arkham Asylumâ„¢