Blades of Steel Credits


Programmed byY. Nakanishi
Co‑ProgrammerS. Tamate
Character DesignerNobuaki Matsumoto (N. Matsumoto)
Music byHidehiro Funauchi (H. Funauchi), Akiko Itoh (A. Ito)
Special ThanksCoin‑op, NES Blades Of Steel team, Kazumi Kitaue (K. Kitaue), Ted Hikawa (T. Hikawa), H. Hatanaka, Hideo Ueda (H. Ueda), Toru Hagihara (T. Hagihara), Noritoshi Kodama (N. Kodama), M. Ito, R. Gotou, and you!!
Directed byY. Nakanishi
Presented byKonami

Cover (US/EU)

Cover Artwork byTom duBois

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (100501) and ryanbus84 (17013)