Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Credits


ProgrammingGerald Weatherup
Graphics/AnimationDawn Drake
MusicJonathan Dunn
Development ManagerIan Turnbull
Special Thanks toWarren, Nicky, Alex, Kearney
and Ocean TestersDaniel Bourne (Danny Bourne), Richard Brooks, Andrew Burgess, Anthony Burns (Tony Burns), Mike Carrol (Mike Carroll), Lee Clare, Simon Crawford, Jonathan Dale, Alan Shevlin, Maria Drumer (Maria Drummer), George Drumer (George Drummer), Joe Duffy, Paul Flanagan, John Holden, Paul Johnson, Simon Longworth, Anthony McGarry (Tony McGarry), Stuart Poole, Cheryl Wadsworth
© 1994Ocean Europe Ltd.
Concept © 1992Electronic Arts

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (93966)