Great Greed (Game Boy)

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Written by  :  qwertyuiop (32506)
Written on  :  Dec 01, 2007
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More than the sum of its parts

The Good

First, the story has an undeniable, though somewhat inexplicable, charm. While the idea of a land inhabited entirely by food and food-related items may seem somewhat odd, the game pulls it off.

Next, while the game certainly doesn't break any new ground regarding the standard RPG experience-n-items upgrades, it does this portion of the game quite competently.

Finally, the battle system helps draw you into the combat more than the usual turn-based, menu-using options of the time. It may not seem like much, but it works.

The Bad

The story, while certainly unique in some ways, was just the standard RPG "Evil Emperor" plot.

The graphics, while adequate, are rather simple even for that time period.

While the battle system is unusual, and well suited to the Gameboy, it did get rather repetitive after a while due to the lack of useful actions to take.

As a side note, the last boss is far too hard. After reaching him, I needed to spend an hour just leveling up.

The Bottom Line

While this review may seem to be damning with faint praise, in the end the game ends up as more than the sum of it's parts. While the combat is rudimentary, and the story sparse, I certainly had fun playing it. The game is enjoyable as a time-waster, just don't expect a masterpiece.