Written by  :  Iris-chan (72)
Written on  :  Jun 10, 2002
Platform  :  Game Boy

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Harvest Moon... for anti-social farmers??

The Good

It's Harvest Moon. In a Game Boy. Harvest Moon on the go! Heck yeah! Take all that farming action with you wherever you go!

This game remains somewhat faithful to the Harvest Moon name. Yep, the farming is there, that challenge of making something of yourself by restoring a run-down farm, just as we saw in the SNES Harvest Moon.

And your choice of dog or cat, and your character's gender is something new from the SNES Harvest Moon. Also, you can still grow crops in the fall and winter, so you're not completely strapped for cash in those off-seasons, which could be a possible scenario in the SNES HM.

The Bad

Note how I said "somewhat" faithful before...

No marriage?? ;_; Where's the interaction with the people and the girls? Sure, we need to keep it simple, but HM ain't the same without the marriage!

Where are all the festivals? I entirely understand the capabilities of the Game Boy, but watching a buncha people sitting on a picnic blanket, staring at each other for an entire day isn't very interesting. No one can look forward to that, can they? And each festival is exactly the same! Great...

Umm... who are these people in the village?? Hey... why are they so scared to talk to me?? I'm not gonna bite! But that's what they think! Oh crap, this could be bad. I guess I'll go talk to the Harvest Sprites then... at least they appreciate me...

The Bottom Line

For a fledgling Harvest Moonie, this game is good to test the waters with. But be warned, if you've played any other HM game... you may not be entirely satisfied with this one...