Written by  :  Jon Collins (28)
Written on  :  Jul 23, 2004
Platform  :  Game Boy
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Short, but sweet

The Good

Kirby's Dream Land sports pretty good graphics, fun gameplay, a decent story, good music, and easy controls. The bosses are creative and fun to fight. The level design of this game is pretty cool too, ranging from the Wispy Woods to the Clouds.

The Bad

Kirby's Dream Land was an extremely short game. It only includes 4 levels + the final boss battle. This was a real let-down, when after only 20 minutes of happiness I was greeted with the ending credits.

The Bottom Line

Kirby's Dream Land is a light-hearted adventure which is enjoyable while it lasts, but over WAY too early. If you are considering purchasing this game, it is well worth the money since you can easily replay it over and over but do not expect a long, grand, epic adventure.