Metroid II: Return of Samus Screenshots (Game Boy)

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Game Boy version

Title Screen
Samus's Ship
Inside the SR388
Roll into tight corridors.
Destroy Metroids to clear away lava.
The first Metroid encounter.
Finding the Varia Suit which halves the damage Samus takes
A large plant shoots tiny attackers
Defeat this creature to get the Spring ball
Metroids become stronger - This is a Gamma Metroid
Using the wave beam to cut through the foam
Found a missile pod
With the space jump, Samus can jump indefinitely - with the right timing
Once again the Ball and bombs are used to discover new passages
More strange creatures
Some enemies are partially protected
Some enemies can shoot
A Zeta Metroid
Space-jumping through a spiky area
With the Spider Ball, Samus can roll along walls and ceilings
With the screw attack, Samus can damage enemies while jumping
Descending further, not many Metroids are left
Strange surroundings
An Omega Metroid
An egg
The standard Metroids only show up towards the end of the game and must be frozen before they can be damaged