MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head Credits

GT California

ProducerNathan Rose
Assistant ProducerJamal Jennings

GT New York

Group Product ManagerEvan Stein
Assistant Product ManagerPhil Tucker
Media SpecialistChristina Kerzner

GT Salt Lake City

Senior V.P. of Product DevelopmentMike Ryder
Director of Product Development ServiceMary Steer
QA ManagerSteve Knopf
ProducerPeter Anthony Chiodo
Lead TesterJeff Oviatt
TestersJennifer Press, Keith Morgan, Darin Cottle, Mara'D Smith, Doug Price
ManualPeter Witcher

MTV Interactive

MTV Executive ProducerAllie Eberhardt
MTV ProducerTony Calandra
MTV Creative ConsultantsKristofor Brown, David Felton, Michael Judge, Nick Litwinko
MTV Standards and PracticesThomas Shea (Dr.)
MTV would like to thankMary Frances Budig, Matt Farber, Rick Holzman, Jessica Jarrett, Michael Judge, Beth Matthews, Judith McGrath, David Milch, Abby Terkuhle, Van Toffler, Paige Wolfson, Marcia Zellers

Creative Services

Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Creative DirectorVic Merritt
Art Trafficking ManagerLiz Fierro
Special Thanks toMichael Judge, Holly Newman, Mike Ryder, Mary Gerardi, Aileen Healy

Torus Games Team

ProducerBill McIntosh
Graphics ArtistsJeremy Geddes, Mark Warhurst
ProgrammersMatthew Ellison, Iulian Bueur, Peter Suwara, Mark Wayland

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Peter Witcher, 24 other games
Steve Knopf, 21 other games
Tony Calandra, 18 other games
Mary Steer, 18 other games
Peter Suwara, 16 other games
Doug Price, 16 other games
Mara'D Smith, 10 other games
Beth Matthews, 9 other games
Jeff Oviatt, 8 other games
Jamal Jennings, 8 other games
Jeremy Geddes, 8 other games
Mark Wayland, 7 other games
Van Toffler, 7 other games
Phil Tucker, 7 other games
Darin Cottle, 7 other games
Mark Warhurst, 6 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (162561)