MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head Screenshots (Game Boy)

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Game Boy version

Main menu
Intro: Beavis needs to get around the detention
Find a way out of the school building
If you find the right item, you can fire spitballs to get rid of enemies.
Events and talks are accompanied by separate graphic.
Got caught by the sports teacher.
Dodgeball: evade the ball the teacher throws at you until he stops.
Guess this guy also won't let you pass without a favour.
Password screen
So far, so good.
Game over screen.
You stink.
Use the bone!
They are late.
Cockroaches everywhere.
Burger World.
No more Nachos. Let's drink Coffee then.
I am...
Mr. Yimagi's Karate School.
He hates cold food.
New job?
Inside Maxi Mart.
Now entering the city.
Throwing tomatoES.
Enter Fake Password.
Cell Block 1?
Where is the key...
By Salvador van Picasso.
The key to Todd's cell...
Cause now I'm gonna kick...
"Getting beaten up sucks."