Operation C Screenshots (Game Boy)

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Stage 1
First Boss
Stage 2
Stage 2 mid-boss
Another mid-boss
End boss of stage 2
Stage 3 is in the jungle
Catch this!
"Missing in action" scene
Falling rocks
Mid-boss of stage 3
Climbing up the waterfall
End boss of stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 4 boss
Stage 5
Going up
This boss is pretty tough if you, like me, would have just 1 life left
A metroid in Contra?
Canonical Contra cut-scene
Japanese title screen
European title screen
European version gameplay
Area 1 boss (Probotector)
Area 2 (Probotector)
Area 2 boss is very close (Probotector)
Against Area 3 boss (Probotector)
Area 4 introduction (Probotector)
Area 4 (Probotector)
Area 5 (Probotector)
This boss is actually a piece of cake (Probotector)
Metroid, yeah sure (Probotector)