Pokémon Red Version (Game Boy)

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The man behind Pocket Monsters, Satoshi Tajiri, had been working on the game a full five years (from 1991 to 1996) before he finally decided to release it after he was satisfied enough with it. No one at Nintendo expected the game to be a hit, but it was.


Satoshi Tajiri got the concept for Pokémon when he was growing up as a kid. It's said that as a boy he used to catch bugs of all types and watch them grow and develop, like a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly! It's crazy to know that this childhood hobby would turn into a, now normal, popular enterprise.


Although most people believe that the only way to capture mew is through a Nintendo event or by use of a Game Shark device, techies have found that through a certain set of steps, you can capture mew in this game, as well as in blue and yellow versions. At this point, mew is level 7 and only knows pound. This feature is due to a mistake in the game's programming.


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