Written by  :  Jim Fun (252)
Written on  :  Oct 14, 2001
Platform  :  Game Boy
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Better than Pokemon Blue, and RPG just keeps getting better!

The Good

This game is the ultimate, it's got everything from the previous Pokemon games, and this game is also based on the TV series, that's right, you'll get to meet Jessy, James, and Meowth! Some of the rare pokemon are free to catch like Scyther, and Dragonair. The game's basic fun is the new features in it, the pokemon, trainers, and even Giovanni look exactly like they look in the TV series. You have to take Pikachu at the beginning, I kept my Pikachu for playing with, imagine I finished the game and he's still at level 27!

The Bad

The color (although way better than before) is still not colorful enough.

The Bottom Line

RPG fans, your favorite genre just took a huge step into a delightful future. Adventure fans, your favorite genre just took a twist (not for the better, but for difference). Puzzle freaks, don't look forward to much. RPG just got better, and so did Pokemon. 5/5. Wonderful.