Side Pocket Screenshots (Game Boy)

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Game Boy version

Title screen.
Game selection.
9-Ball game start: when preparing a shot, the "ghost ball" line marks where the white ball will go. The other balls are converted to numbers in order to make your planning easier.
A maximum power strike leading to sink ball 2.
Free ball means you can place the white ball at any place of the table.
Your current status during the game is shown by pressing the start button.
The results at the ending of a 9-Ball game.
Pocket game class board.
Sinking a ball in the pocket maked with a star will give you bonus gifts.
By sinking at the star you've earned 2 more tryes.
Pocket game result.
Bonus shots will be displayed after each game. This is the first and easiest one.
Game over...
The Club Master laughs at your failure...