Street Fighter II Screenshots (Game Boy)

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Game Boy version

Title screen.
Modify little options in this screen. Play a music and have fun it!
The world's most famous fighters are available to the battle!
Which is strongest: Hadouken or Hurricane Kick?
VS screen.
Chun-Li's Kikoken is not a threat now.
Bison and the Psycho Crusher. Good times..
Title screen (in Super Game Boy).
Obtaining a "PERFECT" sometimes is very rewarding, right?
I already read this phrase in some place...
Playing in the Super Game Boy, the border will be with the adversary's stage visual! Like the SNES version...
Bison's Scissors Kick striking the challenger.
This punch not caused damage, due to a successful defense.
Grabbing the opponent and hitting constantly with the head 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... many times!
Guile's Sonic Boom: other classic move.
Chun-Li is always prepared to defend itself of inopportune attacks.
Ryu defended Chun-Li's spinning kick.
Blanka's electric move: don't go close!
Chun-Li's fast kicks is a possible barrier to transpose, but the player needs some luck...
Using the foot with elegance... and a lot of strength!
Continue screen.
Guile's Flash Kick "hitting" the wind...
What a powerful kick, man!
Moves encounter: damage for both fighters!
Apparently, the impact caused by this move is painful, very painful...
Balrog is gives to feel the intensity of Zangief's spinning fists!
Ken Masters performing a flaming Shoryuken.
Sagat is ready to attack with the Tiger Knee!
Blanka's "throw" is composed by bites and more bites!
Ryu throws Ken in the sea... I'm just kidding! ;D