Street Racer Credits

Street Racer Credits

ProgrammingDavid J. Looker
GraphicsNeil Holmes
Music Martin Walker
SFXMartin Walker
Project ManagementMevlut Dinc, Robert Muir, Greg Sarrail
Play TestingMevlut Dinc, Charlie Hasdell, Neil Holmes, Nejati Dinc
Thanks toHarrison Bernardez
Special ThanksMat Sneap (Eurocom)
Illustration / PackagingJulie Rault Le Liard, Frédérique Gaudin, Mari Sakai
MarketingCarrie Tice, Larry Wiesler
CoordinationAlain Pakiry, Vincent Minoué
Design ConceptVivid Image
PublisherUbi Soft Entertainment
Produced byMevlut Dinc

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (114635), Evil Ryu (65883) and formercontrib (159708)