Tetris (Game Boy)

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Written by  :  optrirominiluikus (112)
Written on  :  Sep 18, 2006
Platform  :  Game Boy
Rating  :  3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars

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It's fun that lasts.

The Good

it is Tetris, so there's really not much to say. Hours and hours can easily be spent, and have been spent with this game. I got it in 1989 and still have that same cartridge sitting on my shelf. It's fun that lasts.

The Bad

Three things: the high score list isn't saved, so there is actually no proof that I have scored over 300.000 points in this game. The game becomes outright impossible on higher (25+) levels because of the stiffness of the controls. It's hard to explain, but no matter how fast your reactions are, you can't beat the speed, like on some arcade versions. And finally, the game only has three music tracks, which is good or bad depending on whether you are one of those who can play games with other music playing or if you HAVE to have the game's music playing. I haven't been playing this game with music turned on for 15 years so to me it's not really a problem, but...

The Bottom Line

It's Tetris. There are better versions out there, but if you happen to find an old Game Boy with this game, by all means pick it up. It's fun that lasts.