Tetris (Game Boy)

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Written by  :  Jim Fun (222)
Written on  :  Oct 04, 2001
Platform  :  Game Boy

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A classic must-have for the gameboy.

The Good

Q:How many games provide arcade style gameplay, and at the same time mind twisting strategy? A: None... apart from tetris.

This game has everything to entertain all gamers from an arcade gamer to a strategy gamer. The sound is O.K., the music is really quite good, it's unique, and well mixed. The gameplay is arcade style, that in my opinion is very good. The graphics aren't so good, but excellent considering a 1986 classic gameboy game.

The Bad

A bit too challenging, can become boring at times.

The Bottom Line

Wonderful game. If you have a classic or color gameboy this is a certain must-have.