4x4 Evo 2 Credits

Created By Terminal Reality

ProducerJohn O'Keefe
Lead ProgrammerAllen Bogue
ProgrammingChris Bream, Jennifer Goss, John Marzulli, Kiu Pau, Mark Randel, Nathan Rausch, Craig Reichard, Paul Russell, Daniel Young
Lead ArtistBrian Stevens
ArtChuck Carson, Andrew Billups, Grant Gosler, Greg Saxon, Jason Sussman
Additional ArtChris DeSimone, David Haber, Mario Merino, Nathan Reinhardt, Terry Simmons
Level DesignDavid Glasscock, Ally Kates, Rick Keen
MusicKyle Richards
Sound EffectsKyle Richards
Voice ActingDameon Clarke
Intro MoviePeter Besson
Director of Business OperationsBrett Evan Russell
LicensingBrendan Goss
PRDrew Haworth, Andrew Hoolan
House MomMarilyn Webb
Quality Assurance ManagerPaul Eckstein
Testing LeadsTatum Tippett, Tim Tischler
Internal Beta TestersChris Dunkle, Immanuel Salas, Marc Phillips, Shannon D. Dees

GameCube Port Team

ProducerBrendan Goss
Lead ProgrammerCraig Reichard
ProgrammersRobert Minnis, Jeffrey Wilkinson
Lead ArtistDavid Haber
ArtistMario Merino
Principle SponsorsTony Curless (ARB/IPF/OME), Bob Richmond (Warn), Alex Cates (Stillen), John Dambrose (Simpson Racing Products)
SponsorsSteve Richardson (Courtesy Nissan of Texas), www.xterraparts.com, Eric Kootte (Skid Row Automotive), David Harriton (American Expedition Vehicles), Dave Cole (Rancho Alcoa), Scott Gladstone (Sparco), Warren Guidry (Interco), Larry Convile (Skyjacker Suspensions), Mike Volodarsky (Automotive Customizers), Paul Barneby (K&N), Steve ‑ Calmini, Steve - Wrangler Power Products, Keith ‑ Fabritron, Pat Willson (Centerforce Clutches), Milan Garrett (Champion Wheels), Mike Lizama (Optima Batteries), Ron Vanderslice (Ramsey Winch), Lisa Chissus (Flex-a-lite), Jennifer Quon (Alpine Electronics)
Special Thanks toNorth Texas Nissan, David Harriton (for the box picture and load screens), Tony Curless (for knowing everyone in the industry), Wendy Martin (for turning our project truck into reality), Yah-te-hay Truck accessories for building the project truck, WARN - for inviting us to SEMA, Steven Turney, ‑Mudpie‑, Steven Chin (Pictures of the Chevrolet K5 Blazer)
Special thanks to the following DealershipsNorth Texas Nissan, Randy Ferguson (Lewisville Mitsubishi), Park Place Lexus, Clint Hanson (Toyota of Plano), Joseph Turner (Bankstone Nissan of Lewisville), Bledsoe Dodge of Dallas - Roy and Danny, Huffines Dodge of Lewisville - Fred, Brian Fogle, Joseph Landers (James Wood Auto Park)
Special thanks to the entire Herzog Motorsports TeamDon Tebbe, Brian Miller

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