Alien Hominid Credits

The Behemoth

Producer John Baez
Gameplay Programming Tom Fulp
EngineBrandon LaCava
ToolsBrandon LaCava
ArtDan Paladin
AnimationDan Paladin
Programming Josh Barth, Scott Fadick, Chip Burwell
Music Matthew E. Harwood
Sound EffectsMatthew E. Harwood
Background Art Ron Lemen, Lucas Graciano
Testing Emil Ayoubkhan, Theresa Pudenz
Additional Programming Nicholas Dryburgh, Kirit Nagda, Andrew Traviss
Additional Animation Jose Ortiz
Additional Sounds Robotic Dream Studios, Theresa Pudenz
Additional Game Design the Behemoth
Additional PDA Levels Max Baez, the Behemoth
Counsel Jeffrey W. Rose
Special Thanks Clint Burgin, Erika Freitas, Ron Wheeler, Brian Schmit, Pearl Kugel, Mom & Dad, Greti; Max & Leo, April, Stamper, lil jim, Wade Fulp, Winona, Wilson Harwood, Shelly Harwood, Owen Harwood, Sulkoma, Tonia Barth, Kim Weber, Cindy & Nathan, Olga & Sarah, Jane & Mrs. Peepers, Julianne Markow, Billie Martin, Gratuitous Games Inc., Ian and Holly Fraser-Corp., Industrial Arts, Kate Durkes, Wonka, Bucky

O-3 Entertainment

PresidentWilliam Gardner
CEO William Gardner
CFO Hanako Watanabe
VP of Sales & Marketing Chris Jelinek
Marketing Manager Steven Hosey
Executive Producer Mark Rodgers
Controller Lynnie Nojadera
Executive Liaison Sandy LaBrec
Quality Assurance Chris Chambers, Lupe DeLeon
Special ThanksEveryone at Price Design, Jaz; Jo & Camille, Tracy Goree, Mari Hirabayashi, Mike Muldoon

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Kim Weber, 12 other games
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Chris Chambers, 12 other games
Matthew E. Harwood, 11 other games
Theresa Pudenz, 10 other games
John Baez, 10 other games
Nicholas Dryburgh, 9 other games
Sandy LaBrec, 8 other games
Kirit Nagda, 8 other games
Lucas Graciano, 7 other games
Ron Lemen, 7 other games
Josh Barth, 6 other games
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Chris Jelinek, 5 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (43451) and formercontrib (159638)