Written by  :  Tracer__ (13)
Written on  :  Nov 18, 2003
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The most adult game on gamecube?

The Good

The fact that you basically live. You have a house, you decorate it how you want, you dress how you want, you offend people how you want, you plant flowers where you want. The sheer amount of things that there are to do, boggles the mind. Fishing, shopping, designing clothes, running errands, collecting furniture, the list goes on. Everyday is different, something will always be happening in your town, even when you are not there. There are special events every month, and you'll even get a present on your birthday :)

The Bad

Erm, nowt to be honest, not saying its perfect, but theres nothing about it I don't like

The Bottom Line

This game looks childish, but is very adult. Having said that, children can play it but there are jokes in it, sexual references etc. which adults will be laughing at. This is probably Nintendo at its finest, doing something original, and not really broadcasting it. Unfortunately the fact that its only available in NTSC format (unless you live in australia, the only place you can get a PAL one I believe) means you'll have to import it if you live in Europe, but it is worth it. Buy it! BUY IT NOW!!!!