Written by  :  Bob the Stickman (299)
Written on  :  Aug 05, 2010
Platform  :  GameCube
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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This game is zany enough for all ages!

The Good

Remember when you were a child and watched a little show called Animaniacs? Did you ever think what a GREAT game that would make? Did you think the old games didn't do the show justice? Well... this could be the game for you!

One of the best things of this game HANDS DOWN, no if-ands-or-buts about it is: ALL of the original actors are here! That's right! No replacements, no old voice clips, it's all genuine! Rob Paulsen as Yakko, Jess Harnel as Wakko, and you get the point.

The game itself is very playable and enjoyable for kids, teens, and I'll go as far to say adults will like it (though it is geared towards kids)!!! It is your basic platformer, true, but something I really like about this platformer: you have the ability to TRIPPLE jump! That is something VERY few games have, as a double jump is considered generous!

Another great part of the game is it has humor similar to the show (coming mainly from the Warners and Pinky and the Brain). UN-fortunately, it is toned down JUST a little because it IS(was) 2005 and not the 90's after all, so. But I still found it funny.

Another aspect of the game is the Pinky and the Brain mini-games you can play. As on the show, these games center around The Brian making plans to TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! And of course Pinky helps. While the games are a little irritating and boring, they are fairly easy (except for one). Plus, it's nice to have some evil-world-take-over humor.

There is also quite a bit to do on this game. There are at least (I'm not sure because I haven't finished the game) 36 Edgars you can/must collect. There are also other things like letters that spell 'ACME' to get more health, and more.

The Bad

Despite all of the good stuff, every game has it's flaws. One example is it is sometimes confusing where you need to go.

Another flaw is that some enemies are too freakin' hard to beat. Some you have to BONK (press B), some you have to wait until they are stunned, and some you can only defeat with bombs! It is over all just plain confusing. The worst part is, YOU have to figure it out yourself! No hints, no nothing!

Also, despite the ironically all-star cast, the main theme is probably the WOSRT remix of the Animaninacs theme EVER!!! As for the other music... eh.

There is also one P&tB game that I am COMPLETELY stuck on! It is the one in the Spooky Movie set (the one where you dig from there to Katmandu). I have no clue where to go or what to do, and I keep dying! I hate it!

Finally, the worst part of the entire game is the use of the license (or lack there of). Let's see how many times other characters appear:

Dr. Scratchandsniff: I've only seen him once in one boss fight in the cutscene (and after the boss but still).

Mr. Plotz: None

Slappy OR Skippy: Neither (And Slappy was one of my favorites :( )

The Goodfeathers: Only 2 references to them so far, but no sightings.

Buttons, Mindy, or even her Mommy: NONE OF THE ABOVE!

Hello Nurse: Several times, but many missed "HELLOOOOOOOO NURSE" opportunities.

Ralph: NONE (O_o)

Rita and Runt: None

Mirnirva (no clue what her name is lol) Mink: A few pics.

Albert Einstein: Once on a (small) picture in a building.

If you have the freakin' permission to use the WARNERS OF WARNER BROTHERS, why use generic characters made for the game?

The Bottom Line

Overall, despite the many flaws and TERRIBLE use of the licence, this game is something for any Animaniacs fan. Even if you've never seen the show, you could still have fun. I know I did!