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This is the type of game that you'll probably beat and then never touch again, and it isn't the world's longest game, but if you are a fan of this movie, you could do far worse than to buy this game. Even if you aren't a fan of the movie, if you are a fan of platformers, you should at least try it.
Game Vortex (Aug 16, 2006)
Ant Bully is a platformer with a few new tricks (mostly the ant-colony features), but the rest of the game is bland. Unless you can't get enough of the movie, then rent the game first.
Aside from learning a few inaccurate oddities about ants or using it to make fun of your friends, this game isn't worth much.
ZTGameDomain (Jul 24, 2006)
Ant Bully is your typical video game tie in with a little extra sprinkled on top. Unfortunately, more often than not these bits of extra seem like rushed afterthoughs rather than core gameplay elements. All in all, the game will please its core audience, young fans of the movie, while adults will find small moments of pleasure from the title.
Lawrence (Aug 03, 2006)
While it's obvious that licensed games based on CG kids movies are usually rushed and sub-par, it's been proven that it doesn't have to be this way. Cars for PSP was a decent racing game, and Monster House for DS was a nice distraction for a while. The Ant Bully, on the other hand, really doesn't give me any reason to recommend it (even for fans of the movie).
If you enjoy collecting pointless doodads, have an affinity for battling enemies whose AI appears to be broken, and seek the highest level of repetition possible, The Ant Bully is your game. I, on the other hand, hope that kid gets eaten by a grasshopper.
IGN (Aug 01, 2006)
If licensed gaming is essential in your household, you’re better off saving the cash and waiting for something better to come along. The Ant Bully has its entertaining moments, but the bar for licensed games is slowly rising, and this overall product just isn’t up to par.
Worth Playing (Sep 21, 2006)
For all of The Ant Bully's flaws, it succeeds in what it set out to do: Provide more time in the film's world for the fans. There were some obvious attempts to bring the game beyond the usual mediocre fare provided by film-to-game adaptations, but the few bright parts are eclipsed by the repetitive gameplay, lackluster graphics and atrocious controls. More frustrating than fun, fans of the movie would be much better off giving The Ant Bully a rental.
55 (Jan 27, 2007)
Sure, running around and performing such fetch-quests as bringing back food for the colony or collecting pieces of a weapon may not be fun for your average 25 year old, but in the eyes of an eight year-old this is great stuff. So, if you look at it from their perspective it's probably a decent game, and since that's the target audience you have to look at it like that. Then again, they're not asking eight year olds to review this game, so if you're looking for a game for a younger member of your family, this is a decent effort, but probably a rental first. If you're in the older set then there's no way you should even be looking in this direction in the first place, but in the off chance that you are…look away! Pretend it's the Medusa and keep your distance.
Gamernode (Aug 08, 2006)
As there have been many films adaptations thus far in video gaming—and most of them have never failed to disappoint to some degree—I shouldn't be surprised by this particular title's shortcomings. However, with a cast including Bruce Campbell and a solid movie to draw from, I hoped for more. If you have kids or younger siblings who are huge fans of the movie, they'll probably be engrossed by controlling the movie's hero onscreen. But unless you're easily amused by such meager pickings or dislike a great deal of challenge in a game, then you will probably find yourself looking elsewhere for a new platformer. This is not a terrible title; it just fails to impress on multiple levels.
GameSpot (Jul 31, 2006)
Unless you're absolutely smitten with what you saw in The Ant Bully movie, you should probably avoid this game. While the game does indeed tell more of the story, it does so in a way that's preachy and uninteresting. Fighting the same half-dozen insects and repeatedly gathering trivial items is no way to spend five or six hours of your life, especially when you can't even rely on the graphics or cinematic scenes to salvage anything from the experience.