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Beach Spikers: Virtua Beach Volleyball (GameCube)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

It's volleyball, but it's still fun. jon moses (7) 3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall MobyScore (12 votes) 3.7

The Press Says

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Consoles Plus
Les compétitions manquent un peu de variété mais on s'amuse beaucoup à plusieurs avec ce titre très fun.
Deaf Gamers
Beach Spikers is definitely one of the best games to arrive on the GameCube. As a multiplayer experience it is right up there with Super Smash Bros. Melee. In terms of the single player experience the World Tour mode ensures that you'll keep coming back for more. Just like Virtua Tennis, Beach Spikers is easy to pick up and very difficult to put down.
All in all AM2 has done a fine job with Beach Spikers. The complaints are minor, and the game is addicting and incredibly fun.
Schon lange hat es kein Spiel mehr fertig gebracht, den Virtua Tennis Effekt bei mir hervorzurufen. Beach Spikers hat es endlich wieder geschafft. Ein Gameplay, dass von der ersten Sekunde an süchtig macht und motiviert statt frustriert, macht den Titel zum Hit. Natürlich entfalten die Mädels ihr wahres Können erst im Mehrspielermodus. Heiße Partien an kühlen Herbstabenden sind fast schon Pflichtsache. Meine Empfehlung an alle Fans von Virtua Tennis und Co: Kaufen und ab an den Strand!
With kickass simple arcade-like gameplay , Beach Spikers definitely deserves tons of attention and should be given a try by everyone. Give it a rental at least but this title is a must for every Sega fan and there’s a simple reason why... the return of the Sega Scream!
Women's beach volleyball does not sound like an interesting game, if you saw this title on the shelf of your local store and didn't know anything about it you would probably stay well clear, but you would be wrong to. AM2 has been able to translate the sport into something that's loads of fun to play, I would even go as far as saying it is almost as enjoyable to play as Virtua Tennis. Beach Spikers is enjoyable enough to warrant the attention of any player looking for some fun and fast arcade action. Great!
Overall I recommend grabbing this title for those that enjoy true Sega arcade action. Fans of Virtua Tennis and the like will be more than pleased with their purchase. Take a bow Sega you still truly hold the crown when it comes to making the best arcade games. Long live the big blue emblem going down in history as “SEGA!”
Beach Spikers is a classic arcade game that works perfectly for your home console. While the single player aspects were shallow and unrewarding; the multiplayer is a huge success. Plan on spending countless hours duking it out. Probably the biggest asset to the game is the simple gameplay, solid physics and overall enjoyment. It's a straight up fun game that should at least be worthy of a weekend rental. A full purchase is still in order, especially if you have more than one person playing the game.
Armchair Empire, The
Beach Spikers is a very good game – not explosive, it won’t turn the gaming world on its head. But it is incredibly easy to pick-up and play, is fun to play with friends, easy to look at, and provides plenty of back-and-forth gaming (especially on cold, rainy days) once you get the hang of playing off your CPU buddy. Non-fans of beach volleyball (or tennis for that matter) might be hesitant, and that’s their right, but Beach Spikers sure won’t hurt you.
Amidst a virtual sea of football, basketball and baseball games, more than a few sports have gone unnoticed by videogame makers. But publisher Sega and development subsidiary AM2 have charged fully ahead into new territory and brought GameCube owners a brand new sub-genre to have it. Beach Spikers centers on the heated sport of pro volleyball, which just so happens to feature more than a few beautiful polygonal ladies dressed in little more than bikinis and tanning oil.
Beach Spikers is enjoyable enough to warrant the attention of any player looking for some fun, fast-paced arcade-style action.
Sega is well known for its great sports sims like the NBA 2k and NFL 2k series. Sega has been applauded for these serious and very enjoyable titles. Now they have released a quick-paced, arcade-style beach volleyball game exclusively for the GameCube. The game features lovely ladies playing volleyball, but it also serves up quick and addictive gameplay. In the end, Beach Spikers has lovely ladies, great stages, quick and fast-paced action, fun single player and a highly enjoyable multiplayer experience. You can't go wrong here. If you're looking for a great party game for the Cube, Beach Spikers is definitely worth a try.
Overall, Beach Spikers is a wicked amount of fun and highly recommended for its outstanding multi-player play. As a single player game, it's decent and provides quick arcade thrills (with the replay value of a good arcade game), but if you're considering a purchase, I'd say it's best to have more than one player ready to play with on a regular basis. If you do, you're unlikely to find more satisfying games on the GameCube than this one.
Die Vorteile von Beach Spikers liegen ganz klar im Mehrspieler-Bereich und dem leichten Einstieg. Man ist unheimlich schnell im Spiel und hat auch kurzzeitig eine Menge Spaß. Doch für Solo-Spieler bietet das vermeintliche Volleyball-Spektakel einfach zu wenig Tiefgang, um langfristig motivieren zu können. Freunde von Mutiplayer-Duellen werden deutlich mehr Spaß haben - doch auch hier wird niemals der Fun-Faktor und die Substanz einer Virtua Tennis-Serie erreicht. Ein netter Versuch, die bisher wenig beachtete Sportart Beach-Volleyball auf die heimischen Bildschirme zu springen, aber kein Spiel für die Ewigkeit.
En definitiva, Beach Spikers es un buen juego, sobre todo si se puede explotar su completo multijugador, y posiblemente la mejor opción existente en consola alguna en lo que a voley playa respecta, pero le fallan algunos elementos para consolidarse en la misma división que la franquicia deportiva por excelencia de Sega, Virtua Tennis. Un monojugador más elaborado y un control más intuitivo, aunque esto último va por gustos, harían que este GOD pudiera medirse sin rubor con la soberbia serie de AM3/Hitmaker.
As the first volleyball game released for the GameCube, Sega has done a good job of recreating the look and feel of the sport, without making it too difficult for casual gamers to play. I'm not sure who the target audience is, but I would have to say that casual female gamers are the ones who will enjoy it the most. That's not to say that men won't have fun with it, too, but most men are fickle, especially the hardcore players. Women tend to pick a game, or a group of games, and stick with them for a very long time. My sister has been playing Tetris for more than a decade and I doubt she'll ever stop! But that game can be enjoyed whether your friends are over or not. If you want a party game that is strictly for you and your friends (or strangers, if you don't mind having them in your house), Beach Spikers is a good choice.
The Video Game Critic
One flaw with the game is the camera, which is constantly swinging around, making it easy to become disoriented. The blocks aren't particularly effective, so most of the time it's best to hang back. Also, this game needs a tournament mode in the worst way. But in general Beach Spikers is a winner, especially with four players. It's not quite up to the level of Virtua Tennis, but it's cast from the same mold.
Ses ambiances ensoleillées, ses jolies filles, mais aussi son gameplay simple et efficace font de Beach Spikers un excellent jeu de volley. A conseiller à tous, même à ceux qui n'y connaissent pas grand chose à ce sport décidément si joli à mater... heu, à regarder, bien sûr.
Game Revolution
Beach Spikers can admittedly be a lot of fun. It's simple to learn, and once you and your friends get the hang of all the fine points, the game can make for a fun volley brawl.
Super Play
Sammanfattningsvis är Beach Spikers precis vad det var i arkadhallen; ett jätteroligt spel som jag tappar intresset för efter några timmar. Det är inte ett nytt Virtua Tennis, men det är å andra sidan det bästa volleybollspelet på hur länge som helst.
70 (UK)
The question you're probably pondering about now is whether Beach Spikers is worthy of your time and money. The game has been sensibly structured to introduce you gradually, and the World Tour mode keeps the challenge up even when you think you're a bit good, but as a single player game Beach Spikers is lacking. There isn't anything particularly obvious AM2 could have done about this, but it's true all the same. As a multiplayer game though, Beach Spikers is exceptional - up there with Virtua Tennis, Soccer Slam and NBA 2K3 in Sega's hall of fame. If you can find some competition, add a couple more points to the score below and get ready for some blinding arcade volleyball.
Ultimately Beach Spikers is yet another polished Sega arcade port with the extra bells and whistles we now expect on a home console. While it may be fantastic fun with 1 or more extra players, it falls down somewhat on the uneven single player game (why they couldn’t just let you control both characters like in the VS mode, I’ll never know). Overall Beach Spikers is a fun title that just lacks that little extra something when placed against the cream of other sports titles. In the short term though it sure makes for a fun little game. Tecmo, the ball’s in your court.
GamePro (US)
Net Ball! Building up a custom team is not only the best way to get the most out of this game, but it?s really your only hope of being competitive against the top teams. Playing with four of your friends is good fun as long as they are well versed in the gameplay. Simple controls a la Virtua Tennis could have made Beach Spikers a classic, but its appeal is just relegated to those with enough patience and determination to unlock the myriad hidden bikinis.
Gamereactor (Sweden)
Beach Spikers är inte ett dåligt spel men heller inte på något sätt värt sina pengar. Att Sega gör bra arkadspel är en sak men ett spel av den här typen måste räcka i mer än en timme, oavsett speltyp. Om ni är fyra stycken och vill ha lite lättsam underhållning är detta ett bra hyrspel, absolut inget mer.