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Press Release:

    Critically Acclaimed Franchise Returns Exclusively on Nintendo GameCube’

    EDISON, NJ, March 9, 2004 – Majesco Entertainment Corp., the sole operating subsidiary of ConnectivCorp (OTC BB: CTTV.OB), today announced that Bomberman Jetters has shipped to retail stores nationwide. The sequel to the widely popular and critically acclaimed Bomberman Generations, Bomberman Jetters is available exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube ’ at a suggested retail price of $19.99.
    “With Bomberman Jetters, the popular franchise continues its tradition of strong gameplay and encompassing multi-player gaming,” said Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing for Majesco. “The wide selection of gameplay options and attractive price-point position Bomberman Jetters as an ideal title for the GameCube owner.”

    In Bomberman Jetters , the Hige Hige Bandits are at it again hatching a plan to crash the artificial comet, Dark Star, into the unsuspecting Planet Bomber. As Bomberman, gamers must destroy the four powerful engines of Dark Star before it is too late and Planet Bomber is annihilated. Developed by Hudson Soft, Bomberman Jetters features a variety of gaming options, including the stylish and adventurous single-player campaign and the franchise's trademark multi-player mode. Bomberman Jetters ' multi-player mode allows up to four players to compete in five new battle stages, as well as tackle a multitude of mini-games, creating endless replay possibilities.

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    Established in 1986 and headquartered in Edison, NJ, with off ices in the United Kingdom, Majesco is the sole operating unit of ConnectivCorp (OTC BB: CTTV.OB) and is a leading international developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products for the Xbox (r) video game system from Microsoft, Sony PlayStation (r) 2 computer entertainment system, and Nintendo GameCube (tm) and Game Boy (r) Advance systems, as well as the personal computer. The Company's 2004 lineup includes the critically acclaimed Advent Rising , the first in a trilogy of action/adventure games; BloodRayne 2 , the sequel to its popular action/horror series, as well as the launch of its Game Boy (r) Advance Video product line, which utilizes the Company's proprietary video compression technology to enable consumers to view commercial-grade video on a standard Nintendo Game Boy Advance system.

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    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65877) on Dec 28, 2005. - Publisher:
    The Hige Hige Bandits are at it again as they set out to destroy Planet Bomber by crashing Dark Star, their artificial world, into it. As Bomberman, players must destroy the four powerful engines of Dark Star before it is too late and Planet Bomber is obliterated.

    • Up to four players can go head-to-head in the multiplayer games

    • Switch control between Bomberman and Max while playing.

    • Lots of new mini-games and multiplayer games!

    • All new Charaboms with special abilities that grow stronger as the Charabom evoles

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jul 02, 2005.

Back of Case (US):
    The Hige Hige Bandits are going to crash their artificial comet, Dark Star, into Planet Bomber. As Bomberman, you must destroy the four engines that propel Dark Star before it is too late! All new Charaboms, all new bombs, same great Bomberman action!




    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jun 25, 2005.

    Bomberman and Max team up for a new adventure with new bomb types and explosive 4-player support.


    • Switch between Bomberman and Max anytime with a press of a button
    • Capture new Charaboms that evolve and grow stronger
    • Create new bomb types by combining bombs with special items
    • New multiplayer battle stages and minigames for as many as four players
    • Candy-colored graphics bring four cel-shaded worlds to life

    In this sequel to Bomberman Generation, the Hige Hige Bandits hatch a plan to crash Dark Star into Planet Bomber. As Bomberman and Max, you must destroy the Dark Star's propulsion system before your home is obliterated.

    Special items can be combined with bombs to create new bomb types and Charaboms grow stronger as they evolve. However, neither enhancement feels like it adds much to actual gameplay.

    As many as four friends can battle in several multiplayer modes, including the traditional 2D Bomberman battles.

    Bottom Line

    The multiplayer action is as fun as ever. Minimal enhancements make the highly linear single-player adventure feel like stale leftovers from Bomberman Generation. Still, a low price and classic design should please fans of the series.

    Contributed by Alrightya (333) on Jun 25, 2005.