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Advertising Blurbs

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    Say hello to Chibi-Robo!

    Like most families, the Sandersons bicker about money and cleaning. Unlike most families, though, they also have robotic spiders, aliens, and talking toys to worry about. Enter Chibi-Robo, a tiny robot programmed to spread happiness. Join him on his quest to restore order to the Sanderson house and SAVE THE WORLD!
    • He cooks!
    • He cleans!
    • He annihilates!

    Contributed by breakyboy (1631) on Mar 09, 2006.
    Spread the Happiness!

    Chibi-Robo is not your typical video game hero. For one thing, he's less than a foot tall. For another, he spends most of his time cleaning up around the house. His main objective is not to recover magical crystals or to overthrow an evil tyrant. For Chibi-Robo, success is simple. His goal? To Spread the Happiness!

    Chibi-Robo is a massive adventure game on a miniature scale. The game opens with a cinema scene set in the Sanderson family living room. For her eighth birthday, Jenny receives a gift from her toy-fanatic father -- a little robot named Chibi-Robo. Chibi-Robo's sole purpose is to bring happiness to Jenny and her family.

    Chibi-Robo accomplishes this goal by picking up trash, scrubbing the floor, smoothing over family drama, and other everyday tasks. His battery life is limited, so he needs to recharge by plugging himself into wall outlets.


    • Spread the happiness throughout the Sanderson family household by performing a variety of chores and tasks.
    • Purchase Chibi-Gear upgrades such as the Chibi-Blaster and Chibi-Radar to make Chibi-Robo's job easier.
    • Explore the entire Sanderson home, from the backyard to the kitchen to the upstairs bedrooms. For Chibi-Robo, a normal house is a huge world!
    • When night falls, communicate with the many toys that come to life throughout the house.
    • Discover costumes that enable Chibi-Robo to perform special tasks and communicate with different characters.

    As Chibi-Robo spreads happiness throughout the house, he earns Happy Points that improve his Chibi-Ranking. Chibi-Robo also earns Moolah that can be used to purchase upgrades and more powerful batteries.

    The game has a non-linear feel, since it's pretty much up to you to decide how to spend your time. An internal clock ticks away as you explore the house, and when the day/night cycle ends Chibi-Robo must return to his Chibi-House to take a break and receive advice from his managerial robot pal Telly Vision.

    Events in the storyline are triggered when Chibi-Robo speaks to the Sanderson family members or other characters. The family is normally active during the day, and at night the household toys come to life. As the storyline progresses, you'll learn that all is not well in the Sanderson family. To keep the Sandersons happy, Chibi-Robo will have to do a lot more than just collect trash and scrub the walls.

    Bottom Line

    Chibi-Robo is an incredibly original game that is a pleasure to play. The domestic storyline is a refreshing departure from other 3D adventure themes, and it will have you truly caring about the welfare of the Sanderson family. Who knew that cleaning the house could be so much fun?

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Mar 04, 2006.