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Cubivore (GameCube)

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Developed by
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Cubivore Credits

Gamecube Staff

Remix BeastKaoru Kita
Gerneral Programming BeastJunya Kadono
Programming BeastTadao Yakamoto
Secretly the Real Programming BeastKenji Nakajima
Reforming BeastKoichi Kishi
Event BeastKazuhiro Tamura
Love & Peace BeastHironobu Suzuki
Design BeastNaohiko Aoyama
Map BeastTokuko Hirose
Raw‑Meat BeastSachio Kurita
Scenery BeastRumiko Matsumoto
Helping Hand BeastMasayo Shiraogawa
Product Managment BeastSonoko Saito
Technical Coordination BeastHiroyuki Tanaka
Editing BeastWilliam Alexander, Matthew Fargo
QA BeastYu Namba, James Kuroki, Jonathan Wu
Marketing BeastGail Salamanca
See‑Through BeastYuko Yamamoto
Project Lead BeastAkibo Shieh
Intellectual Beast Ryouichi Kitanishi, Toshiyuki Nakamura
Atlus BeastJun Yamamoto
Shadow BeastGabin Ito
Killer CubivoreGento Matsumoto

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Credits for this game were contributed by Opipeuter (16475)