Cubivore Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Camouflage! You can't see me! Can you O_O;;
Japanese title screen
The square sun, radiates its warmth in six directions...
Some wicker creatures to test your jaws on.
An end of level poem
Stats for your current form
A herd of colorless herb beasts, you go on the offensive...
Encountering colourful beasts in heaven.
...only to be surrounded!
Incoming horde
Running away with limb missing, blood rockets from the torn arteries.
Water camo
Ripping a slew of limbs off a herbivore.
As a chicken the cubivore grows a tongue!
Hopping through a sea of leaves.
Dealing 200 damage with a superior form. Rage blue.
The Killer Cubivore... even down to one limb he is formidable.
A labyrinth... welcome to "Meat Maze"
An unusal statue...
Ripping of a limb, and sending the victim flying.