Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair (GameCube)

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Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair Credits

In Memory of

In Memory ofRaquel Dionne Johnson (Keli), Pat Monahan

Developed By Dragonstone Software

Dragon's Lair Co-CreatorsRick Dyer, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy
Chief Executive ProducerRick Dyer
Executive Producer, Dragonstone SoftwareThomas Konkol
Technical Director / Lead ProgrammerTodd Heckel
Creative Director / Lead DesignerWilfredo Panganiban
Lead Game ProgrammerEugene Foss
Executive Producer / Designer, Dragonstone SoftwareSteven Parsons
Project DirectorsRick Dyer, Thomas Konkol
ProgrammersAndrew Garrett, Branimir Karadzic, Chris Morrissey, Ricardo Robaina, Christian Comeau
DesignersDaniel Jacobs, Brian Smith, Paul Silva, Karel Jacobs, Chris Behncke, Adam Davis, James Pourtemour, Justin Siller
Lead AnimatorThomas Konkol
Art DirectorThomas Konkol
ArtistsRuben Chavez, Aaron Lim, Jeff McAteer, Charles Pickens
Package IllustrationDon Bluth, John Pomeroy
Office ManagerShirlee Ann Lovell, Kristina Foss, Lydia Lavaro
Lead TesterBrandon Hoff
TestersPaul Kudinoff, Anna Malapit, Travis Cutler, Kate Bernd
IT SupportDustin Gannon, Travis Carter

Intro and Ending 2D Animation

ProducersDon Bluth, Gary Goldman
Storyboard, Layout Design and Director of AnimationDon Bluth
Color Key and BackgroundsKen Slevin, Don Bluth, John Hoffman
LayoutTroy Caro, Nelson Behol
Character AnimationLen Simon, Renato Dos Anos, Troy Saliba, Helio Takahashi, John Hill, Rob Fox, Melvin Silao, Alan Fernando, Steve Cunningham, John Hoffman, John Pomeroy
Character Animation AssistantsCiara McCabe, Rod Zaffe, Curt Spurging, Rosie Ahern, Debbie Stoyanof, Barry Iremonger, Roisin Hunt, Ryan McIhenny, Kevin Condron, Jack Joseph, Manny De Guzman, Rolando Yago, Nicola Flynn
Special Effects AnimationPeter Matheson, Dierdra Reynolds Behan, Raquel Omana
Special Effects Animation AssistantsMelanie Walchek, Amy Newman
3D Special Effects AnimationGreg Galliani
Color ModelCarmen Oliver
ContinuityCathy Goldman, Cindy Nason
Scene PlanningVincent Clark, Helio Takahashi
Digital ScanningFrank Richards, Paul J. Kelly
CheckingLinda Fitzpatrick
Digital Ink & PaintKen Cioe, Gorio Vicuna
Picture EditorFiona Traylor
Sound EditorScott Seymann, Wilfredo Panganiban
FacilitiesDon Bluth Films - Phoenix - AZ, Fat Cat Productions - Phoenix - AZ

Music and Sound FX

Musical Score & Sound DesignChristopher Stone
Sound FXMark Keefer, Orpheus Soundstation Studios
"He's My Guy"Christopher Stone (Writer and Producer), Jon Lewin (Writer), Julie Eisenhower (Performer)

Voice Overs

DirkDan Molina
DaphneDarcy Harvier, Vera Pacheco
HollowChristopher Stone
MordocGary Goldman
Multi MediaCharles White
Music Video DirectorDavid Hood
Music Video EditingDavid Hood, Charles White
Video Attract ModeRick Dyer, Thomas Konkol, Charles White
Documentary Producer and DirectorDavid Hood

Encore Software

ProducerT. J. Higgins
Associate ProducerEd Turner, Daniel Ramirez
Quality Assurance ManagerFadi Awed
Quality Assurance LeadAndrew Simpson
Quality Assurance TestersRon Duke, Shawn Johnson, Kenneth Kupis, Dan Hart, Joel Nation, Danny Yanez, Ryan Ybarra, Mike Mooney, Mike Daly, Mark Dienes, Ryan Schwartz, Kevin Winters, Sami Tanamly, Chris Stack, Boris Stanisic, Aleksandar Stanisic, Zach Snow
Vice President of MarketingJill Griffin
Director of Public RelationsLinda Duttenhaver
Director of MarketingBetsi Shepherd
Product Marketing ManagerCandice Uyloan
Vice President of Licensing & Business DevelopmentRichard Lowenthal
Creative Services ManagerTom Donner
Traffic CoordinatorAndy Alvarez
Encore Special ThanksEric DeMilt, Stephanie Wise, Ken Robinson, Adrian Stephens, Mark McCubbin, Maxwell Taylor
Dragonstone Special ThanksDavid Foster, Liz Foster, Angelique Noel Russo, Andy Pak, Cherie Baker, Christopher Knaus, Dan Saarinen, Daniel Marquez, Daniel Meyer, George Escobar III, Haejean Ahn, James Zavala, Jasmine Race, Jeff Kinder, John Kochakji, John Malapit, Josh Jertberg, Toni Jertberg, Keith Rodriguez, Manual Garibay, Martin Reyes, Nicholas Daugherty, Ramil Sirju, Ronald Batiste, Ryan Becker, Ryan McKee, Jason Milam, Steve Gomez, Tom Poleski, Young Sil Lee, Mike Sofarelli Jr., Chip Sbrogna, Janelle Barsana, Rick Goss, Thomas Hertzler, Samantha Hertzler, Mark Hall, Blue Byte Software, Mattel, Mitch Soule, Steven Rabin, Bret Mogilefsky, Jason Page, George Bain, Becky Hook, Gabe Ahn, the CodeWarrior team at Metrowerks, Joe O'Leary, Our families and significant others, All Dragon's Lair fans worldwide..., To everyone who in one way or another helped with the production of Dragon's Lair 3D
Authorized ToolsRad game Tools, Genesis3D

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