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    Shark Tale - трехмерная аркадная игра, созданная по мотивам одноименного мультфильма (более известного в России, как "Подводная братва") от студии Dreamworks. Главный герой игры - Оскар, очень шустрая и болтливая рыбешка, вечно попадающая в неприятности. Все бы ничего, но на этот раз Оскар связался с акулами-мафиози, которые шуток не любят, и теперь мальку нужно срочно избавляться от неприятностей, в которые он влип. Вас ждут десятки уровней, полные подводных головорезов, путешествие в рыбий город на рифе и головокружительные гонки на выживание.

    Особенности игры

    • Выполните 25 захватывающих миссий.
    • Используйте рыбье кунг-фу против самых страшных противников.
    • Завоюйте сердца всех девушек на рифе, продемонстрировав им свои навыки в хип-хопе.

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (57980) on Mar 18, 2011.
    DreamWorks’ Shark Tale™ takes you on a new adventure as Oscar, a bigger-than-life fish working his way up the food chain, who becomes an unlikely hero as he searches for an easy path to fame and fortune. With a blend of original and film-inspired game play, players immerse themselves in a hip, underwater urban culture featuring the gritty environments of Reef City and funky tunes inspired by the film.

    • Relive the film: Play as Oscar the fast-talking fish in familiar movie scenarios and locations.
    • Go beyond the movie: Explore unique environments and situations in 25 adventure-packed missions.
    • Get more variety: Experience game play unlike any other movie-inspired title.
    • Race: Careen through a bustling underwater metropolis, dodging traffic, buildings, and bridges and smashing signs, boxes, and crates as you attempt to outrace opponents.
    • Fight: Engage in never-before-seen “fish fighting” moves such as smack talk, “Fish Fu,” tail slaps, fin boxing, and head butts.
    • Dance: Earn points busting moves on the streets of Reef City in uniquely-choreographed dance scenes. Boogie down and get funky—you’ll have to mix and match dance moves while following a stream of fast-paced directed commands.
    • Discover Reef City first hand: Work at the Whale Wash, sneak through the Sunken Liner, and delve into Oscar’s own gritty neighbourhood.
    • Dive into the hip marine culture: Interact with the urban environments of Reef City while tasting the vibe of the movie through a combination of original and licensed R&B and hip hop music from classic and current artists.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22294) on Sep 11, 2010.
    Relive Oscar's aquatic adventures as he works his way up the food chain in this game of the brilliant Dreamworks movie!

    Based on the adventures of Oscar the fish, the larger than life star of the acclaimed Dreamworks film, Shark Tale allows players to participate in the hip, underwater urban culture of Reef City. Over 25 varied, adventure-packed missions allow you to experience life as the flashy fish.

    Rather than sticking to one style of gameplay, Shark Tale features a variety of different styles of play that really bring home the glitz of the big screen. Adventure levels allow you to experience Reef City first hand, from working at the Whale Wash, sneaking through a sunken liner, and exploring Oscar's gritty neighbourhood.

    There are also race levels that require you to belt through the bristling underwater metropolis dodging obstacles as you outrace hungry sharks, fight sections that allow for distinctive 'Fish Fu', and dance sections that support dance mat peripherals as well as the DualShock.

    No matter which kind of gameplay you sample, you will be transported back to the vibe of the movie, with authentic visuals and music providing the ultimate recreation of Reef City.

    • The official game of the blockbuster Dreamworks movie starring the voices of Will Smith and Robert De Niro

    • Play as Oscar and experience Reef City first hand

    • Varied gameplay spreads across Adventure, Race, Fight and Dance levels

    • A combination of original and licensed hip hop and R&B

    Contributed by DreinIX (10674) on Apr 03, 2008.

Back of Case - Playstation 2 (Australia):

    Behind Every Little Fish is a Great White Lie.

    Fight the fearsome Great White with menacing attacks.

    Race around as Oscar in search of fame and fortune.

    Adventure through never before seen areas of Reef City.

    Dance sequences test your skills - so bust a move!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Jun 29, 2005.