Driven Credits

BAM! Studios Europe Ltd.

Managing DirectorMatt Wilkinson
Development DirectorPierson Lippard
ProducersAndrew G. Williams, Kevin Watts
Lead ProgrammerMichael Jacobsen
ProgrammersCiaran Rooney, Iain Gilfeather, Richard Coles, Thomas Woodley, Doug Day, Peter Johnson
Lead ArtistMark Harris
ArtistsMathew Cooling, Sam Allen, Jake Noakes, Ben Troughton, Karl D'Costa, Mikel Bilbao, Paul Hodge, Rachel Segens
Original MusicSteve Emney, Simon Robertson
Additional ArtKeiko Lippard, Jonah
DesignerCharlie Hasdell
In‑house QAKevin Row
Sound FXSteve Cowell
DialogueAndrew S. Walsh

Franchise Pictures

Executive ProducersElie Samaha, Joe Booth, Aaron Endo
ProducerLeeza-Maria Elkhazen
World Wide MarketingLori Drazen
President of Development and AcquisitionsTracee Stanley
English Voice of Joe TantoSylvester Stallone
German Voice of Joe TantoThomas Danneberg
Italian Voice of Joe TantoFerruccio Amendola
Spanish Voice of Joe TantoAntonio Jesus Galvez Alcazar
French Voice of Joe TantoAlain Dorval
English Voice of David DoyleGreg Proops
German Voice of David DoyleMichael Bideller
Italian Voice of David DoyleMarco Balzarotti
Spanish Voice of David DoyleAntonio Cobos
French Voice of David DoyleStefan Godin
English Voice of Jack HauserEric Meyers
German Voice of Jack HauserSven Dahlem
Italian Voice of Jack HauserClaudio Moneta
Spanish Voice of Jack HauserChema Carrero
French Voice of Jack HauserHubert Drac

BAM! Entertainment Ltd.

Director of European MarketingLisa Cheney Bolcato
European Product ManagerDavid Blundell
Director of North American MarketingScott Smith
North American Brand ManagerJack Symon
Director of North American PRSusan Kramer
North American PR ManagerMika Kelly
European PR ManagerCat Channon
Special ThanksSylvester Stallone, Estella Warren, Renny Harlin

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Steve Emney, 10 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204713)