Drome Racers Credits


Lead Sku ProgrammerJustin Eames
ProgrammersAndy Firth, Peter Long, Steve Wilcox
Physics EngineJulian Thomas
Technical ManagerSteve Bennett
Additional ProgrammingJack Aidley, Jay Bell, Stuart Clarke, Simon Goodwin, Andrew Hague, Olivier Renault, Stephen Wright
Additional ArtRob James, Chris Oxenbury, Richard Priest, Marco Segers, Matt Stephens, Graeme Wilson
Additional DesignMichael Benfield, Ian Mayor, Mike McCurdy
Additional Sound DesignJohn Davies, Ben Ackerman


Lead ProgrammerAndrew Hague
ProgrammersJack Aidley, Robert Baker, Jay Bell, David Christie, Stuart Clarke, Lyndon Sharp, Olivier Renault, Stephen Wright
Engine TeamJulian Thomas, Darren Vine, Andrew Wright
Additional Programming Justin Eames, Peter Long, Derek Pettigrew, Steve Wilcox
ArtistsTony Heap, Phil Irving, Rob James, Ken Jarvis, James O'Ready, Chris Oxenbury, Richard Priest, Marco Segers, Matt Stephens, Neal Sutton, Graeme Wilson
Additional ArtGillian Bertram, Colin Dempsey
DesignMichael Benfield, Ian Mayor, Mike McCurdy
Sound DesignJohn Davies
Additional ThanksSimon Goodwin, Dene Landucci, Tom Straub
Initial Concept & ProductionGavin Cooper, Stuart Tilley
Technical ManagerSteve Bennett
Creative ProducerDrew Wilkins
Team ProducerJonathan Eardley
Managing DirectorChris Gibbs
Special ThanksEmily & Baggy, Jo Balcombe, Emma Bell, Matilda Bell, Gillian Bertram, Matt's Brick, Suzi Brown, Chrissy Cameron, Joanne Cushion, Claire Deakin, Ingo, Jess, Kerry & Jake, Joseph Oxenbury, Mrs Pline, Gillian Rourke, Tommy & Shannen, Snoop, Hayes Muay Thai, Ironia Malisa, Peligra Massive, Liz & Melissa, Danny & Philip, Paula Wilcox, Karen & Daniel & Xander


Global Vice PresidentTom Stone
Director of ProductionDavid Ratcliffe
Senior ProducerPeter Murphy
Associate ProducerGary Simmons
Head of Software OperationsKevin Turner
Project ManagerGeoff Smith
Head of TechnologyIan Johnson
Software AnalystWarren Leigh, Eddie Hayden
Global Brand DirectorSean Ratcliffe
Global Marketing ManagerHelen Nicholas
Head of Business AffairsClive Illenden
Business Affairs ExecutiveStaci Kalama
Market Research ManagerTim Price
Thanks toeveryone in LEGO Interactive for their feedback and support
Special ThanksLawrence Doyle, Barbara Barnes, Gary Martin


Line ProducerMichael Ress
Assistant ProducerJason Berisford
European Marketing ManagerSusan Oelschlegel
European Marketing AssistantChristian Sponziello
US Product ManagerAnne Kain
US Public RelationsTim McDowd
Package Project ManagementCandice Westman
Studio OperationsPaulette Doudell, Steve Sammonds, Rosalie Vivanco, Phil Jones, Linda Walker, Anne Miller
Quality AssuranceJohn Welsh, Pat Russell, Andrew Miller, Daniel Babeshko-Helsen, Barrie Tingle, Rupert Moss, Jason Bassett, Noel Hawkins, Victoria Rose, Daniel Spain, Alan Vincent, James Tillman, Davinder Sindher
ConfigJoe Grant, Marcus Purvis, Martyn Sibley, Darran Wall, Richard Hylands, James Cawte, Rick Watts
MasteringWayne Boyce, Desmond Gayle, Donna Hicks, James Kneen, Matt Price, Sam Roberts
EAD Localization ManagerIsabelle Martin
EAD Localization Project ManagerElena Carballido
Creative ServicesCandice Westman
Production Manager Jenny Whittle
Account ExecutiveJayne Martin-Kaye
Production PlannerMark Jefferson
Documentation Layout and Translation CoordinationPaul Ryan
DocumentationJohn Morris-Smith, Sorcha Fenlon
US Documentation LayoutChristopher Held
European CQC Operations ManagerLinda Walker
European CQC Test ManagerJean-Yves Duret
European CQC Test SupervisorDavid Fielding
European CQC Test LeadsAndy Chung, Paul Richards, Ben Jackson
European CQC Senior TestersJames Bolton, Paul Davies, Tony Hopkins, Andrea Iori, Jamie Keen, Gary Napper
European CQC Platform ManagerJames Featherstone
European CQC Platform SpecialistsAshley Powell, James Arup, James Norton, Tim Wileman
Special ThanksBlack II Black for their Brass samples and Rhodes samples

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21744)