Written by  :  kawaii (19)
Written on  :  Sep 30, 2003

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Eternal Darkness is the Gamecube's gift to fans of Cthulu.

The Good

Eternal Darkness is an excellent game of the horror genre, putting it at the same level as the Silent Hill series. While the production is not nearly as terrifyingly real as the SH series, ED has several unique features that make most Cthulu fans smile.

One of the most interesting is the Sanity meter. It measures how well grounded your character is with the 'real' world, and anytime that you encounter mystical and unnatural beings, your sanity will decrease. The most interesting feature about the lack of sanity is that it has a direct correlation to how the game interacts with you. Whereas in other games, it might simply be considered another attribute, along with health and mana, in ED, it affects gameplay, by creating illusory monsters, fake rooms, and strange video errors.

The storyline, about an ancient evil rising from beyond time and space, is a classic one, and they didn't do it wrong in ED.

The Bad

There are chapters of the game where you are dangerously under-equipped. Without proper guidance, those places can be very difficult and repetitive, as you replay the same scenes over and over again, in order to find a way through it.

The Bottom Line

A great game if you are a fan of Lovecraftian Horror. If not, then it is just a good game in the horror genre.