Written by  :  WWWWolf (453)
Written on  :  Dec 15, 2005
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Fun... but not necessarily for one

The Good

First, the game has a great idea. Play mechanics are well thought of - well, at least what comes to the multiplayer side. There's some refreshing new ideas here too. It basically says to me "this isn't an usual game" and I like that. The gameplay is pretty intuitive though not really without its first troubles.

Graphics are amazing. I can't possibly describe in words how beautiful some stuff in the game is.

Music is great, and I really like the musical style too. Switching composers for a while clearly provides a good break from the Usual Uematsu Stuff(tm).

The Bad

One bad thing is that without an on-screen map, some of the levels are just incomprehensible. And I haven't even played *that* far yet - I mean early levels, too.

And in one-player game, the game view focuses on the moogle carrying the chalice - which isn't a good thing, because the character I'm controlling is nose against the screen's edge, and I *hate* it when I have to run but just can't see where I'm going! It's not that bad in up-down direction areas, but left-right movement gets annoying fast.

And the smoothness of the game relies too much in the cooperation of the different character types, so the game isn't *that* smooth with just one character in the fray. Sometimes, it isn't that thrilling to think that I'm going to spend a lot of time playing through the game with a character that sure isn't as versatile as Link. But the game has stayed barely passable nevertheless so far...

And this gets mentioned often, but anyway, here goes: I really wish the GBAs and cables weren't required for multiplayer...

The Bottom Line

The idea is definitely solid. "Hey, let's make a Zelda clone! For four players, cooperative! Make it look really nice, make it sound really nice, and play pretty well! And how about slapping words 'Final Fantasy' on the side too, it worked before, right?" (Definitely a Zelda clone if the first boss is a giant crab...)

Like so many other people, I haven't played this game at all on multiplayer, mostly because I have only one GBA. This game would seem really amazing on multiplayer if I only had the equipment!

Too bad that as a single player game, this starts to make my teeth grind. It actually represents something more sinister: Here's a game with really beautiful graphics, and beautiful music, but heck, what comes to playability, it just isn't Zelda, even when it tries!

The bottom line what comes to the single player experience is that it's fun - in small doses. Maybe a level per month.