Geist Credits (GameCube)

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Geist Credits

n-Space Inc.

ProducerTed Newman
PresidentErick S. Dyke
Project ManagerDan O'Leary
Lead ProgrammersJoshua Crow, Timothy Schwalk
ProgrammingLeon Brown, Christopher Cammack, Justin Hare, Shawn Leaf, Michael Lebo, John M. Meyers, Derek Mulder, Jeremy Nikolai, Sean Purcell, Adam Smith
Game ScriptingGlen McKnight, Thomas J. Sears, Ginger Smith, Maggie Wang, Bradley Weckman, Jaime Wojick
Art ManagerW. Randy King
Lead of Characters and AnimationJeff Outlaw
Character Modeling & AnimationMichael Budd, Peet Cooper, Forrest Crump, Jared Lindquist, Chris Schroyer, Amy Williams, Drew Morgan
Lead World BuilderAndrew Paciga
World BuildingWill Fuller, Ryan Hastings, James J. Inziello, Troy Jacobson, Brian Miller, Jason Albee Miller, Jordan Walker
Music & AudioMichael Reed, Bradley Martin
Foley DirectionBob Hichborn
Voice (In Order of Appearance)Carlos Navarro (as Captain Juliao), Soulbrother Kevin as Thomas Bryson, Dan Stone (as Commander Rourke), Shannon Burke (as Alexander Volks), Maggie Wang (as Gigi Volks), Russell Smith (as Cord), Savannah Boan (as Keira Wells), Katherine Brown (as Anna Richardson), Timothy Schwalk (Miscellaneous Voices), Daniel Dennis (Crew Chief & Facilitator)
TestChristopher Burnett
IT & Facilities ManagementGary Meyers


Executive ProducerSatoru Iwata
Senior ProducerShigeru Miyamoto
ProducersHideki Konno, Kensuke Tanabe
Assistant ProducerHiromasa Shikata
Interpretation/CoordinationMasashi Goto
UI Design SupportTomoaki Kuroume, Takahiro Hamaguchi
Technical SupportHironobu Kakui, Shingo Okamoto
Product CoordinationJeffrey Kalles, Brett Gow
Product TestingThomas Hertzog, Michael Leslie, NOA Product Testing Dept.
Special ThanksTatsumi Kimishima, Mike Fukuda, Jeff Miller, Leslie Swan, Henry C. Sterchi, Nathan Bihldorff, Jim Wornell, Jeff Gilbert, Colin Kastner, Tom Prata, Nicola Wright, Mari Shirakawa, Toshihiko Okamoto

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