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GameCube version

Title screen and main menu
Introduction sequence; here's where you'll be going.
You and your teammates try to escape...
Yikes, what is this creature!
As a ghost, you'll have to undergo some training in this simulator.
You get your first look at yourself in ghost form.
Consult the map to see where you are.
The red glow indicates the person is scared; you can now possess him.
I've possessed a soldier in order to fight.
Plenty of narrow corridors to blast your way through...
This soldier isn't scared yet; I can rattle this trash can to scare him some more.
A possession in progress..
Wearing a radiation suit so the soldier I've possessed can get through safely.
Hmm, can this computer readout be helpful?
Wandering down a heavily patrolled corridor.
Firing at enemy soldiers...I think I got them...
You can possess various animals, too, such as this dog.
Using a laser to cause some destruction...
People can see right through you when in ghost form.
Possessed a shower head in order to scare someone...
A cut-scene; my friend has realized my ghost has possessed this girl.
Attacking a large boss level enemy.
Destroy that truck before it catches your friend on the motorcycle.
Attacking with proximity mines...
A puzzle; guide these light beams around the room to open a door.
Uh oh, I've activated a light puzzle...
Take control of this machine gun to provide cover for a friend.
A large creature blocks the tunnel; Have I seen this thing before?
A cut-scene; learn a bit of the back story.
As a ghost you can slip through small spaces when this logo appears.
Loading screen