Kirby Air Ride Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Title Screen
Intro: Kirby Chases Meta Knight
Mode Select
Air Ride Mode: Level Select
Air Ride Mode: Here come the competitors' rides
Kirby's spin attack
In City Trial rival Kirbys scour the city
Searching for items and powerups
Air Ride: Beanstalk Park
Air Ride: Celestial Valley
Air Ride: Checker Knights
Air Ride: Fantasy Meadows
Air Ride: Frozen Hillside
Air Ride: Machine Passage
Air Ride: Magma Flows
Air Ride: Sky Sands
Top Ride: Fire
Top Ride: Grass
Top Ride: Light
Top Ride: Metal
Top Ride: Sand
Top Ride: Sky
Top Ride: Water