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Planet GameCube (Nov 01, 2004)
Kuru Kuru Kururin debuted for both the Japanese and European Game Boy Advance launches. The idea was deceptively simple -- all you have to do was guide a constantly rotating stick through a maze and reach the goal without hitting any obstacles. Doing so makes you lose time and health. Three hits and you have to start again. Kururin Squash is the third game in the series, and as such, it expands on this basic idea of navigating your way through a maze. In addition to the standard helicopter, you're now able to guide specially designed helicopters that allow you to punch, dive, shoot flames and throw tornados.
Nintendojo (2004)
Kururin Squash is a prime example of Nintendo’s people-don’t-need-better-hardware-but-better-games philosophy. The title is all about the gameplay, and it delivers big time. At a time when most developers are relying on the tried-and-true formulas, Kururin Squash offers a fresh and welcome – not to mention inexpensive (under $40) – experience. If you don’t import this game, you’re missing out.
Nintendo Difference (Jan 04, 2006)
Ceux qui ont aimé les épisodes GBA peuvent signer tout de suite, là, en bas de la feuille : Kururin Squash reprend la même formule en ajoutant quelques petites choses qui le rendent indispensable. Quant aux autres qui découvrent la série, difficile de ne pas se laisser tenter par ce concept diabloiquement prenant, surtout que le titre est vendu à prix mini. Un petit jeu qui ne paie pas de mine, mais comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent.
Retroage (Dec 25, 2014)
Ogólnie gra to świetny tytuł i prawdziwe wyzwanie. Wymaga nie tylko koncentracji, ale również logiki, a czasem po prostu szczęścia. Kontrola śmigłem jest bardzo czuła i tak ma być w grze tego typu, bo liczy się każdy nawet najdrobniejszy ruch. Oprawa dźwiękowa jest bardzo klimatyczna i miła dla ucha. Wizualnie produkt jest ładny, kolorystycznie bardzo urozmaicony. Najważniejsze jest jednak to, że tytuł chociaż wydany tylko w Japonii jest całkiem przystępny dla każdego gracza poza Krajem Kwitnącej Wiśni, a to muszę przyznać nie zdarza się często. Nie należy się martwić brakiem znajomości języka bo jest go w grze naprawdę niewiele. Jeżeli ktoś ma możliwość to polecam zaopatrzyć się w Kururin Sqash!
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Dec 07, 2004)
That said, if you are a Kururin vet and happen to stumble across Squash for £16 while trawling importers on a darkening afternoon in Soho as we did, it's an evening of all the beautiful, quirkily executed ideas from which are modern story-driven third-person action-blockbuster wotsits were originally derived, calling for speedy reactions and a touch of lateral thinking, and you will have fun. Just not enough of it. In other words, it'll captivate you for as long as it lasts, but don't be surprised if it then spins off onto a shelf with only a duck in a helicopter's chance of ever returning to the fore.
Bordersdown (Dec, 2004)
Underneath its charm and quirky banter, Kururin Squash has a simple, intriguing concept which, when rolled in with all the artwork and primary school zaniness, makes for an enjoyable experience. However, the single-player modes rarely offer more than a fleeting challenge and the only real obstacles are those in the player's mind. A certain Zen-like discipline needs to be attained to get to the goal, with the special-stage Heririn mixing up the difficulty with their new play techniques. If anything, the youthful exuberance of the game probably matches the intended target audience: essentially Kururin Squash must have been made for children, as there doesn't appear to be any subtle Nintendo masterpiece here, just a charming, easily accessible, vibrant and well put-together puzzle/action game.