Kururin Squash! Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Kururin loses his brothers and sisters while on a family trip
Title Screen
Enter your name!
The single player menu, choose from adventure mode, or time trial
Grab coins as you navigate through the mazes
This rainbow marker is the goal!
At the end of each stage, your time is shown - a bonus is given if you grab all coins in a level
Map screen - a rainbow star is a perfect clear, yellow means you got all coins but hit a wall, and blue is uncleared
These red squares restore all your health
The circus carnies from Kururin Paradise make a cameo appearance as shop owners
This Heririn allows you to punch obstacles...
As well as beat up enemies!
The paths get more difficult to navigate through as you progress
Watch out for more enemies!
These flying saucers require multiple hits to defeat
New to Squash is boss battles - in this one you need to knock all the strawberries onto the boss
After beating a boss, grab all the bonus coins you can!
Kururin has rescued two of his siblings
The GBA linkup game is a memory game. Check your GBA screen for the right answer
When you finish the game, you are given an IQ rating!
Kuruin Squash also has a new battle multiplayer mode
As well as the familiar versus race mode
You can also change the appearance of the Heririn and your HUD
The springs reverse the direction your Heririn is spinning in
The "H" pad can be turned while you dive underwater
Diving levels require you to think on two levels!
Later on, a flamethrower Heririn is introduced
You can't control where the Heririn goes in this level, only the speed of its spin!
The iron crushers from the previous Kururin games make a comeback
Don't get squashed between the crushers, or you're done for!