Written by  :  Jessi Matyas (5)
Written on  :  Jul 07, 2003
Rating  :  4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
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The single greatest game in all of Video-Gaming history!

The Good

The Great Green Legend, Link, returns to classic Hyrule for his greatest adventure yet. Raised by a Guardian Deity in the Kokiri Forest, Link grows up to fulfil his true potential and save the entire world (again). Plot twists make the story extremely interesting and side quests, like the Trading Sequence, give you something more to do than follow the maze to the cheese. Twelve dungeons provide a variety of atmospheres and new background music to each place you visit. And let's not forget how our Hero, Link, looks better than ever before in his adult body!

The Bad

Graphics leave something to be desired, but let's not forget that in 1997, when the game was originally released, Link's appearance kicked butt compared to the appearance of his 2-dimensional self from the years before!

The Bottom Line

If you have not played this game yet before, you are depriving yourself of something great. Run out and buy this. Rent it at the very least, but do not deprive yourself another minute of Link's great journey through Hyrule to become the greatest Legend of all time: the Hero of Time!