Written by  :  A D (3)
Written on  :  Jul 09, 2003
Platform  :  GameCube

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The Good

Its probablty worth pointing out that im a major zelda fan at this point. Not that it means im only gonna give it 10 out of 10 - high expectations can lead to dissapointment after all. While there was no real dissapointment, and the game is significantly evolved from Ocarina, it doesnt replicate the leap from Link 2 the past to ocarina. This is perhaps understandable, you can only get that "wow its 3d" factor the once. nonetheless, it does evolve the game quite a lot, in particular the control and, of course, the graphics. The camera is easily the best camera in any 3d game, and after many hourse play i cant remember once getting it stuck in a tree or behind a house. Mario take note. The graphics may not be what we were all hoping for (dark anime) but theyre still bloody ace, and stand up to extensive play. Quest wise, its more of the same as in ocarina, but with an extra level of detail in many areas, thoough the side-games didnt grab me like they used to. Oh and sailing accross the sea is seriously cool. Most mellow.

The Bad

Well realistically, theres nothing significant wrong, but it is a shame we didnt get the graphics as seen at E2000 (or whenever it was). Perhaps the gamcube isnt powerful enough, and its another generation or two away? Who knows. Furthermore the quest, although in a bigger world, isnt as convoluted (although there are bags more secrets). I kinda missed the 'cause and effect' idea too, like the past and future worlds in ocarina, or the light/dark in link to the past. Its a good game mechanic, doing something in one place affecting the same place in the future/light world. But these are minor irritations at best.

The Bottom Line

highly reccomended game, like most zeldas. if youv not played one before its a 10 out of 10. For those raised on zelda, perhaps only a nine, but still essential.