The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Screenshots (GameCube)

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GameCube version

Title Screen
Outset Island
Your Home
The busy city on Windfall Island
Sailing the open sea
The talking fish
Dragon Roost Island is home to bird-people
Inside one of the dungeons
Get the power bracelets to lift big objects
Killer plant!
Swing from overhead objects!
Visiting the Deku Tree
Conducting is a major part of the game
Using the telescope
No Zelda game is complete without treasure chests
Receiving the Tingle Tuner
Your first boss fight.
Using treasure maps you can find treasure, hidden in the depths of the sea.
The game features a day/night cycle.
In Fairy's grotto on one of Fairy Isles
Cyclone allows to instantly teleport around the Great Sea
Scanning the map for treasure
On some spots the camera may be zoomed out to a large distance
Shopping with Beedle
Suddenly a giant Octopus appears!
A traveling merchant
Flying with Deku leaf
Battle Squid mini game
Nintendo Gallery entrance
Potion brewer
A pictograph (foto) of Jabun
Inside Hyrule castle
Battle with tough knights
A small portion of Hyrule land is accessible
Exchanging fire with the platform