Luigi's Mansion (GameCube)

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Written by  :  Horny-Bullant (59)
Written on  :  Sep 04, 2004
Rating  :  3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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Green is the style in mushroom land.

The Good

Even though I may be quoting many other people when I say this I think it is good to see that Luigi had finally got his own game, even though the game seems to like pointing out how much of a wimp he is. I liked the way that Luigi can react with the rooms he enter after he clears all the ghosts so even though the lights are on and there are no enemies left in the room there still may be some secrets Luigi will be able to find before he moves on. The idea of the vacuum cleaner or poltergust 4000 was a imaginative idea and a good one, a good way for the programmers to be able to hide things on top of shelves and such.

The Bad

It was WAY WAY WAY to short. I guess it is a bit unfair saying that because I had just finished playing FFX and I was foolishly expecting at least 15-20 hours gameplay, but sadly my fun was stopped dead in its tracks at a poor 6 hours. And they could have at least tried a bit harder on the secret mansion at least try to put new things in so it doesn't pretty much seem to be the same game over again.

The Bottom Line

An amusing game for someone who is looking for a little bit of entertainment. But don't expect a big unfolding story because you wont get one.