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Game Freaks 365 (Sep, 2001)
Madden 2002 has new features including Season, Franchise, Tournament, Create-A-Team, and many others. It has updated rosters and better stat records of players. This is the first Madden to use the Madden Challenge to receive tokens to buy Madden cards that unlock cheats, historic players, and boost player's ratings for different periods of time. There sadly isn't online support for this game on Xbox. PS2 owners however have the pleasure of having this feature. Hopefully in the future EA will have online support for all consoles. Still, overall, Madden 2002 is a great game; highly recommended.
I keep going back to the seemingly endless well of fun that is Madden, and it's still good to me – on the PS2. GameCube's incarnation shares the helmet scuffs and more detailed uniforms that the Xbox version does, but believe it or not, I had a problem with GC's controller. Using the C-stick for D-linemen's special moves wasn't fun. I also noticed a little extra blur in some of the between play shots, and that the rosters were older than they should've been. Still fun, still Madden, but not a perfect port.
GameZone (Dec 03, 2001)
Madden 2002 for the GameCube is, not surprisingly, a port of the PlayStation 2 version with slight visual enhancements. It's the only football title available for the GameCube right now, so this is an obvious choice for sports fanatics who own a 'Cube. But even if it wasn't the only football game on the console, I doubt that anyone would want to choose a different game. Madden has proven itself as the top football series year after year. By the time NFL 2k2 arrives, it might be too late for Sega to gain any sales. You could wait until next year, or play one of the greatest football games of all time right now. Take your pick.
IGN (Nov 16, 2001)
Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 2002 is the first and only football game available for GameCube launch, and will undoubtedly go on to be one of the best NFL simulations on the console until the franchise's next release. And while the GameCube version isn't without its problems, Madden NFL 2002 has almost everything football fanatics could want.
Neuerdings verpasst EA Sports seinen Sportserien gerne eine Prise Simulation. Madden NFL 2002 spielt sich folgerichtig auch nicht mehr ganz so leicht wie der Vorgänger. So musst du nun beispielsweise mehr darauf achten, welchen Spieler du steuerst. Klar, dass sich ein dicker Brummer von 110 kg Körpergewicht mit schnellen Drehungen etwas schwerer tut als ein 80 kg leichter Gegenspieler. Positives auch in Sachen künstlicher Intelligenz: Grobe Unzulänglichkeiten gibt es hier nicht. Grafisch ist die GameCube-Version von Madden NFL 2002 im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz bisher die überzeugendste. Die Spieler sehen tatsächlich dem Ball nach und zeigen sichtbare Emotionen, wenn was geklappt hat beziehungsweise in die Hose ging. Auch fürs Ohr wird einiges geboten: Wie gewohnt, kaut sich John Madden im Duett mit bekannten Co-Kommentatoren einen ab, und zwischen den Spielzügen dröhnen fetzige HipHop-Beats aus den Boxen.
Gamer's Pulse (Dec 06, 2001)
As I said originally though, the problems in this game are very easy to overlook. They are all relatively minor problems, and while they may annoy at times, you will be having such a blast playing this game that you may not even notice. Add the fact that most game modes are playable for up to four players, and you have hours of fun ahead of you. All in all, Madden 2002 is a stellar football game to keep Gamecube owners occupied for a very long time.
GameSpot (Nov 14, 2001)
In the end, Madden 2002 is a great game of simulation-style football for the GameCube. If you're trying to decide whether to pick up Madden with your GameCube at launch, it really depends on what type of football game you want. If you enjoy simulation-style football games that play well, have incredible depth, and look great, Madden 2002 is your game. If you're a PS2 owner wondering if you should get the GameCube version of Madden 2002 because it might look better, the answer is no. The differences between the PS2 and GameCube versions are nominal at best and really don't warrant another purchase.