Written by  :  jon moses (7)
Written on  :  Dec 23, 2003
Rating  :  4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars

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Video golf at it's almost greatest

The Good

Almost everything.

Controls - The controls are well thought out, and easy to use. The standard controls are excellent (don't remember if you can change them), but beware, almost every button has a use. It's also great that there's two different methods of hitting the ball. One is easy, the other builds on the easy method (with more button presses obviously) and allows for more control. Spin, top or back, is one of those things you only get with 'manual' swing mode.

Courses - The courses are varied and interesting. There's (I think) something like 8 courses. They're all different from each other. The backgrounds of the courses are terrific. For example, one of the courses is all in the tops of giant trees. It's pretty cool. The holes range in par from 3 to 5, and they are scored pretty well. There hasn't been a single hole where I didn't think I could make par. Some are more challenging then others, but that's to be expected. And welcomed.

Characters - There are a lot of characters. Twice what you can see, as each character has a 'Star' mode, which increases distance (usually) at the expense of another stat. Each character has a max distance number (Waluigi for example, can drive 206 yards or something), and 3 (4?) other stats, plus an approximation of the path the ball follows off the tee (slice, hook, etc) as a directional arrow. There's also some unlock-able characters which you earn as you do certain things.

Modes - There's actually a surprising number of play modes. I figured, 'Hey, it's golf'. Well, it is, and it's lots of golf. You can play normal 'Stroke' play, where the player with the fewest strokes at the end wins. You can play another mode, where it only matters if you win the hole. You can play doubles, with or against a friend or the computer. You get the idea. Pretty high replay value with all the modes. 4 players at a time, did I mention that?

Graphics - The graphics are good (especially in progressive mode). Everything looks very nice. Nothing that'll make you go 'Holy crap, it looks like a movie', but they're very enjoyable.

The Bad

There's not much I didn't like about this game. The only real thing that's semi-annoying is the sound. The sound effects are good, but the characters have a limited number of sounds. Each character seems to only have one sound per action. For example, Mario makes the same noise _every_ time he hits the ball. Plus the announcer (such as it is) only says a few things, and they get annoying real quick. Other than that there's not much wrong with this game.

The Bottom Line

It's golf. It's very fun, and well done, but at the end, it's still golf. Buy this game. Unless you hate golf.