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Mario Party 4 (GameCube)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (29 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Common Sense Media
None of the games is particularly difficult to figure out in terms of how to play, but they are challenging enough in terms of skill to keep even teenagers happy, especially if they are competing with another player or, better yet, three other players. Even though there's little complexity involved in terms of character or skill acquisition, the fun of playing in groups, either as teams or in a free-for-all, more than makes up for the rather simplistic story line and characters. This is not a game for serious thinkers who like lots of interesting visuals and story line, but as far as having fun with other players goes, it's unbeatable. If you are looking for a way out of the often isolating routine of role-playing games, MARIO PARTY 4 is the way to go.
Deaf Gamers
Mario Party 4 is indeed very impressive. As a multiplayer experience it's as close to perfection as you're going to get. You can even create a custom list of your favourite games and use only these in your Party game. This is especially useful when playing the game with your children as they know they are going to play the mini-games that they love instead of having to play the ones they may dislike. As a single player title the game doesn't equal the multiplayer experience but it is still very enjoyable and the desire to unlock all the mini-games and complete the Story mode will keep you busy for ages.
GamePro (US)
Mario Party 4 is not a major update by any means, and the single-player story mode can’t hold a candle to the multiplayer madness for which the game was designed. But if you’ve got the warm bodies, Mario Party 4 will bring great gameplay.
Endlich heißt es wieder "Party time" im Pilzkönigreich! Mit dem vierten Teil der erfolgreichen Serie hat uns Nintendo einen Mehrspielerkracher unter den diesjährigen Weihnachtsbaum gelegt. Glücklicherweise wurden am gewohnten Spielprinzip eigentlich nur kosmetische, dafür aber auch witzige Änderungen vorgenommen. Vor allem das neue "Pilzsystem" bringt ein wenig mehr Würze in die Party. Neben der im neuen Glanz erstrahlenden Optik sind die 50 abwechslungsreichen Minispiele wahre Spielspassgranaten. Anhänger der Serie schlagen sowieso zu. Alle anderen Spieler möchte ich hiermit ganz herzlich auf Marios neueste Party einladen. Zu viert einfach eine Offenbarung. Wilde Fluchorgien, heimliches Teamwork, knappe Siege und herzhafte "Revanche"-Schreie lassen die Mario-Party-Mini-Disc unaufhaltsam im Laufwerk rotieren.
Pisteitä antaessani olenkin ottanut vapauden olettaa, että Mario Party 4:ää pelataan isolla porukalla. Yksin pelattuna tällaisessa pelissä ei ole mitään järkeä, sillä kukaan ei jaksa katsella kolmen AI-pelaajan touhuamista pelilaudalla kovin pitkään eikä minipelien asiasisältö vetoa ilman kilpailutilannetta oikeita ihmisiä vastaan. Sen sijaan riittävän isolta ruudulta hyvässä seurassa nautittuna Mario Party 4 on puutteineenkin erittäin hauskaa ajanvietettä kaikenikäisille.
Overall, with so many things to like about Mario Party 4, it is certainly worth a pickup for any Gamecube or early Wii owner. I feel like it is the strongest entry in the series because of its innovation (the best until the orbs come into play), and because of its variety of modes. The strength of the mini-games will keep you battling friends for Mario Party supremacy. The ease of the game makes it an easy recommendation to new players of the series, and encourages those gamers to start here. You can easily pick this up at any game shop or online for $15 or so, and you will certainly get your money’s worth out of the gameplay in this title.
Nintendo Life
Mario Party 4 is a definite party favourite. The sheer uncertainty and the many features and games will keep it enjoyable for a long time. The essence of this game is multiplayer, while the single player is just a dull add-on. It can be played for short and long games which are both fun and easy to play. There is no urgent need to seek out the sequels as the fourth incarnation has stood the test of time and already evolved in to a near perfect multiplayer party game.
Gamereactor (Sweden)
Det är svårt att inte rekommendera Mario Party 4 till folk. Gillar man att ha kul med polarna över ett TV-spel så gillar man Mario Party. En enkel devis att gå efter. Den som dock saknar handkontroller/vänner gör dock kanske bäst i att avvakta. För fortfarande så är det så att Mario Party ska spelas på flera deltagare, det kommer helt enkelt inte till sin fulla rätt annars. Tills vidare utnämner jag Mario Party 4 till kubens bästa partyspel, och det lär så förbli tills vi äntligen får se det nya Mario Kart.
Officiel Nintendo Magazine
Excellent à plusieurs -c'est sa vocation-, honnête en solo, Mario Party 4 est le titre idéal pour partager des éclats de rire.
Un quatrième volet incontournable pour les adeptes du genre, qui pourront découvrir une cinquantaine de mini-jeux tous totalement inédits. Un titre parfait pour animer des soirées entre amis et instaurer une ambiance hystérique dont pourra se délecter toute la famille. Mario Party 4 fait partie de ces rares softs qui prônent la convivialité et qui sont capables de séduire même les personnes réfractaires aux jeux vidéo.
Mario Party 4, es sin duda un juego para disfrutar en compañía de tus mejores amigos, ya que es uno de los mejores juegos multijugadores de la historia de las consolas, que sigue haciendo furor como ya se ve debido a que ya se ha anunciado el Mario Party 5 para el Cubo, y nosotros creeremos que esta saga nunca se terminara, dándonos grandes sorpresas, como las que nos ha dado en este juego que nos da para miles de hora de diversión en la mejor compañía o en solitario, como prefieras.
For those that enjoy Nintendo's rich characters and imagination, Mario Party 4 is a great game to have. With four-players in tow, it's a total blast, but for those that are looking for some solid, non-anger-inducing solo play, you'd do well to swerve away from this one for sure.
Game Over Online
Make no mistake, Mario Party 4 is the best game in the series yet. But that isn’t saying a whole lot when you consider that the sequels have always felt more like continuations than they did actual sequels. With that said, if you’re a fan of the series and plan on playing with friends, then Mario Party 4 is just what Dr. Mario ordered.
Wenn Ihr Brettspiele mögt und ab und an Freunde zu Besuch habt, kommt Ihr nicht an Mario Party vorbei. Der vierte Teil der Kultserie feiert auf dem GameCube dank seiner 50 abwechslungsreichen Mini-Spiele eine überzeugende Premiere. Optisch und akustisch wird zwar kein Feuerwerk gezündet, aber das Brettspielflair kommt dank bunt designter Spielbretter und viel Abwechslung optimal rüber. Es macht einfach einen Heidenspaß mit- und gegeneinander um jede Münze und jeden Stern zu kämpfen. Vor allem die unberechenbare Mischung aus Spiel, Glück und Taktik sorgt für Spannung bis zum Schluss. Der Einzelspielermodus kann mit dem Multiplayer-Spaß allerdings nicht mithalten und bleibt auch aufgrund seltsamer KI-Züge nicht mehr als eine nette Dreingabe.
Gaming Target
Unfortunately, not all of the mini-games are balanced as well as they could be and some of them seem to lack any real inspiration. Keeping the competitive edge sharp isn't an easy task and requires a balance between timing, speed, and precision. There are a few games that just don't pull that off as they come up lacking in at least one of the categories. Additionally, the 50 or so mini-games can only stretch themselves so thin. Though they do prove satisfactory when you only play occasionally and for short periods of time, it doesn't promote frequent bouts of long term gaming.
Since this is the fourth Mario Party game in about as many years, you'd think that the formula would have grown unbearably stale by now. But through incremental improvements and some subtle refinements, Hudson has kept the series going strong, and Mario Party 4 is arguably the most accomplished entry in the series yet. While more accomplished gamers may find some of the minigames too simplistic, this accessibility ensures that Mario's party is one that just about anyone can enjoy.
Mario Party 4 could have been put into heavy rotation in my GameCube lineup, but as it stands, it’s basically reduced to a novelty. The designers didn’t make the modifications to make this more than an N64 game with a different controller, and the changes that were made hurt the game rather than help it, for the most part. If you’ve played all the previous Mario Party games, then there’s not much for you here. If you haven’t, then Mario Party 4 might be worth a rental (or even a purchase if you have at least three people ready to play at any given time), but be prepared to dust off your N64 if you want to see what the series really has to offer.
Mario Party 4 es un muy buen juego en multijugador, aunque sin llegar a los extremos de Mario Kart Double Dash, o del futuro Mario Soccer, pero discreto en partidas de un jugador, por lo que la variación como media no es totalmente justa y deberá adaptarse al tipo de jugador que seamos.
Nintendo Difference
Un jeu plaisant qui souffre d'un manque de réel scénario contrairement à ses précédents opus. Espérons que Nintendo aura corrigé cette erreur pour Mario Party 5.
Mario Party 4 est un excellent jeu familial et plus généralement multijoueur. La prise en main est directe et on s’amuse tout de suite. Il est par contre nécessaire d’être quatre pour en profiter pleinement. La durée de vie du jeu est quasi sans fin, jusqu’à la sortie d’un Mario Party 5 en fait. Les fans de la série et heureux possesseurs d’une GameCube se doivent de l’avoir dans leur ludothèque.
The party genre was given a big kick in the pants in February 1999 when Mario Party debuted on the Nintendo 64, proving that board games didn't have to be stale and that mini-games were the ultimate answer for four-player mayhem. Since then it has carried on the tradition with cookie-cutter sequels, and Mario Party 4, the debut of the series on GameCube, is no different. It walks the same path that the previous titles did, banking on the power of 50 totally new mini-games and vastly improved graphics to do the selling. It's nothing new, but it's brimming with enough cool mini-games to keep any Mario Party fan at bay.
Game Freaks 365
The game has good replay value if you have friends to play it with, but if you have no friends it will get old really fast. If you have no friends to play this with then avoid it and all games like it.
Super Play
Jag blir visserligen otålig ibland och tycker att Mario Party 4 är världens sävligaste spel, men så tillhör jag inte heller målgruppen. I sina bäst stunder är det ett spel som alla kan uppskatta, och det känns väldigt befriande att Nintendo tillåter sig själva att vara barnsliga. Här finns några grundläggande problem, men jag gillar känslan av att några timmar med Mario Party 4 kan få vilken stel, vuxen person som helst att mjukna i lederna och bli tolv igen. Åtminstone i några timmar, mellan middagen och kaffet.
Games TM
Provided you have enough controllers (and friends), Mario Party 4 is the beautifully polished peak of the series - with four people playing, there's no better way to break up a couple of rounds of Monkey Target...
All Game Guide
Overall it seems Mario Party 4 is skewed more toward younger audiences who will undoubtedly delight in the colorful visuals, simple mini-games, and familiar characters. Older audiences, however, will yearn for a party with more punch.
The main strength of this game is meant to come from the multiplayer aspect. When you consider the average age of gamers is now in the mid to late twenties you'd be hard pressed to find four willing volunteers to wade through it. It is much more suited to a very young audience but even then I can imagine them getting annoyed with some of the aspects. A cartoon product can appeal to a very wide audience if it's done well. A film like Toy Story is evidence of this outside of gaming. Mario Party though is not a particularly good game and it's up against much better titles like Super Monkey Ball that manages to bridge this age gap by having inspired game play and a quirky feel. Most Nintendo games have this quality but it is sadly missing here.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
There's nothing bold about the moves Hudson has made with Mario Party 4. Some are reasonable additions, some are a bit daft, but most of the game is only vaguely removed from what's come before. The mini-games have different faces but they play ostensibly the same, and even with the visuals buffed to a sparkle the overall effect is very much 'more of the same'.
Game Informer Magazine
I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a religious man by any stretch of the imagination, but when I see games like Mario Party 4 hit the market, I begin to question my spirituality, wondering if Satan is actually working at Nintendo on this godforsaken series. I’ve seen the evil at work firsthand. Within just minutes of play, it can make grown men cry, turn friends against one another, and mess with your head so much that you begin conjuring up devious thoughts. Should I dropkick my friend’s GameCube? Should I lock myself in the bathroom and try to chisel through the wall with a curling iron?
One word can sum up this game, disappointing. I always say that if Nintendo puts its name behind one of its games it is sure to be great, but then a game like this comes along and totally throws off my theory! Sad but true, this game is bad and even if you see it in a bargain bin – avoid it.